Serrapeptase: An Accessible Enzyme Supplement That Cleans Arteries, Heals Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Fibrocystic Breasts, Lung Problems and More




Do you want to replace steroid pain relievers with something that is equally efficient and less harmful? Do you want to avoid the formation of blood clots? Well, you should definitely check the enzyme that occurs naturally.

This enzyme is highly recommended by European doctors who prescribe it regularly for the treatment of scarred lung tissue, plaque in the arteries, different types of pain, blood clots, and many other situations.

Serrapeptase is a special type of proteolytic enzyme (it is not a brand name). This enzyme processes protein. However, serrapeptase is here not only to support the digestion of protein food that was consumed, but also to remove any unwanted and harmful proteins from the system. This is why; this enzyme is excellent for internal organ scar tissue removal and the elimination of fluid and plaque that accumulate right after an injury.

This enzyme was first found in silkworms that use the help of this enzyme to digest Mulberry leaves (their basic food) and to break the cocoons and escape in case they notice predators.

The isolated enzyme that comes in a capsule has very strong anti-inflammatory properties and pain-blocking effects similar to the ones found in aspirin and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). The only difference is that serrapeptase doesn’t produce any harmful side effects.

In addition, it can also assist Natural Solutions right before they start forming tumors and supports cancer treatment when the tumors occur.

So, How Does Serrapeptase Enzyme Work?

Enzymes are biological molecules that act as catalysts. They enable or accelerate biochemical reactions. Enzymes unleash their power when the chemical reaction begins. There are more than 4000 biochemical reactions that depend on enzymes as catalysts.

Of course, Serrapeptase comes with a unique activity. According to German doctor Hans Napier, Serrapeptase has the ability to unclog blocked arteries and make bypass operations obsolete. This means that the enzyme is perfectly safe and efficient as a natural arterial chelation agent.

In addition, Dr. Napier witness the effects of this enzyme when he started using it as a remedy for a woman who was about to get her hand amputated. Only after a short period of time, she was able to save her hand.

Serrapeptase acts in more than one way. It has the ability to break down and disintegrate the by-products of blood coagulation and manage blood clotting. A recent study has shown that Serrapeptase can also disintegrate the fibrin coating that is created by the tumors so they can protect themselves from the immune system.

Thanks to this dissolving activity of the enzyme, we can eliminate arterial plaque and keep the insides of arteries safe. This enzyme eliminates pain by disintegrating and inhibiting the release of amines. These proteins actually transmit the pain signal. Serrapeptase supports the removal of extra fluid found in tissues which usually leads to pain and swelling.

Serrapeptase has been used as a remedy by natural healers in the last three decades in Asia and few years this trend moved to Europe. All the reports suggest that Serrapeptase is more efficient and more safe compared to the standard medical use of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) chelation for the elimination of arterial plaque.

The pharmaceutical statins which are used to eliminate arterial plaque and/or fats in the bloodstream often lead to blockage of the natural synthesis of cholesterol and this is not the case with the use of Serrapeptase.

Serrapeptase - An Accessible Enzyme Supplement That Cleans Arteries

It is interesting that cholesterol when it comes in its natural pure form creates most of the brain’s tissue. Cholesterol is also part of the outer walls of cells and supports the production of hormones that lead to endocrine balance in the system.

One particular type of these hormones starts the process of turning sunlight into vitamin D3 in the system. In case the process of biosynthesis is blocked, people can expect long-term health issues like dementia.

Besides the benefits for cardiovascular health, Serrapeptase is known for its positive effects in cases of lung issues, arthritis, fibrocystic breast disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, sinus issues, and athletic injuries.

There are experts who advise taking Serrapeptase as an agent good for slowing down the aging process because aging is closely related to the buildup of scar tissue, dysregulation, and inflammation.

Dysregulation appears when the inflammation process evolves and starts affecting both benign and harmful substances in the system. Once this happens, inflammation can lead to long-term autoimmune issues.

Anecdotal Reports Can Confirm The Effectiveness Of Serrapeptase

Numerous anecdotal reports of pains and aches disappearing from the lives of patients around the globe after taking Serrapeptase can confirm its effectiveness. This is a natural enzyme that doesn’t interrupt the work of the immune system and so far, there are no reports of side effects.

There are various sources of this enzyme that come in the form of tablets and capsules and they are available in both health food stores and on the Internet. The majority of holistic practitioners advise the use of large doses in the beginning until the patient notices the positive results. After that, the dose should be reduced.

After we have pointed out all these things, one question remains – why Serrapeptase is not a common household item?

The most logical answer is that Big Pharma cannot patent this medicine and Serrapeptase is perfectly safe (no side effects). So, looking for other drugs to reduce the side effects is not necessary. This is certainly something that Big Pharma doesn’t want.

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