When You See This, You Will Never Go to Bed without Lemon in Your Sock




No one wants cracked heels, especially when the summer comes. Tricks like rubbing stones and various creams can sometimes be exhausting and expensive, and they still don’t give us the wanted results. So the best thing to get rid of your cracked heels doesn’t require much effort and money, and it’s to use lemons.

Choose a lemon which is large enough for your heel and cut it in half. Squeeze the juice out of the two halves and make a fresh lemonade for you or your family, but don’t throw away the peel, as you will need it for the cracked heels treatment. You will need the pulp, so once you have squeezed the juice, ensure it’s still inside.

Place the lemon halves on both heels so that the heels are covered by the peels completely. You might feel strange a bit, but this is just at the beginning. Make sure you have covered the roughest parts of your heels with the peel, and put on socks to keep them tight.

Allow the peel to stay on your heels about 1 hour, or throughout the whole night for optimum effects. The juice from the 2 halves of lemon will remove the cracked and dry skin as it works as chemical peeling.This trick might seem a bit strange, but many people who tried it are extremely satisfied with their outcome. You will see your heels are soft and without the cracked parts, immediately.

Via Ask a Prepper

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