20 IMPORTANT Things for Prevention and Treatment of Cancer According to John Hopkins Hospital You MUST Know




For many years, people believed that chemotherapy is the only option to treat cancer, but the experts from John Hopkins Hospital have shown the world that this is simply not true.

There is another way to deal with cancer and they have revealed the method.

20 IMPORTANT Things for Prevention and Treatment of Cancer According to John Hopkins Hospital You MUST Know

1. It turns out that every individual has cancer cells in the body and cancer cells can’t be located with regular tests until they reach a number of at least a few billions.

When doctors say to patients that they no longer have malign cells after therapy this means that they simply cannot identify these cells because their number is reduced to a level that is not visible to them.

2. Cancer cells occur in the lives of every man and woman between six and ten times.

3. When the immune system of people is strong enough, cancer cells are destroyed and their growth is prevented.

4. When an individual is dealing with cancer, this means that the amount of nutritious matter in the body is reduced. The reasons for this situation can be traced to genetics, diet, environment and/or lifestyle.

5. In order to overcome this reduction, it is necessary to change the eating habits and strengthen the immune system.

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6. Chemotherapy is focused on destroying cancer cells, but during this process, a lot of healthy cells are destroyed too especially in the bone marrow and digestive tract. In addition, such treatment can destroy the kidneys, liver, lungs, heart etc.

7. To summarize things, radiation eliminates cancer cells together with healthy cells and organs.

8. In the beginning chemotherapy and radiation manage to reduce the size of the tumor. However, as the therapy continues the results of elimination of tumor are missing.

9. When there are too many toxins created by chemo and radiation in the body, the immune system is damaged or destroyed which means that the patient is more prone to various types of infections and other serious health issues.

10. Radiation and chemotherapy can lead to cell mutation and make them even more resistant and difficult to eliminate. Surgery can also lead to cancer growth.

11. It is highly recommended to stop feeding cancer cells and encourage their procreation.

12. Sugar is ideal for cancer cells. Stay away from sugar and in this way you will eliminate a very important source of food for cancer cells. Even sweeteners can be harmful. The best idea is to use completely natural alternatives like organic honey and molasses, but only in very small amounts. Table salt also contains a lot of harmful compounds. Instead of table salt, you can use sea salt and/or Bragg’s amino acids.

13. Our body produces increased amount of mucus, especially in the digestive tract, whenever we consume milk. On the other hand, mucus feeds cancer cells. By staying away from regular milk and using unsweetened soy milk, we will actually starve cancer cells.

14. Cancer cells make progress in acidic environment. Diet reach in different meats is acidic and it is the best idea to switch pork and beef with fish and small amount of chicken. Meat also comes with animal antibiotics, growth hormones and even with parasites. These things are harmful for healthy people and even more for cancer patients.

15. A diet that includes about 80% of fresh veggies, seeds, grains, nuts and some fruit will create an ideal alkaline environment in the body. About 20% of the diet can include cooked food like beans. Juices made from fresh veggies create enzymes that can easily be digested and absorbed and reach the cells in less than 20 minutes.

In this way, we are actually supporting the creation and growth of healthy cells. If you want to get the most from enzymes and create new healthy cells, try drinking fresh juices made of different vegetables. Eat raw vegetables three times a day.

16. Proteins that come from meat are difficult for digestion and it takes a lot of enzymes to process them. Improperly digested food stays in the stomach and causes additional toxins.

17. Cancer cell walls are covered with resistant proteins. By staying away from meat, the body releases more enzymes that attack these walls and allow penetration of defensive cells that are able to eliminate cancer cells.

18. Some ingredients and compounds strengthen the immune system (EFA minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, IP6 etc.) and allow immune cells to eliminate cancer cells. For instance, vitamin E allows killing of cancer cells which represents a normal reaction of the body for removal of damaged, unwanted and unnecessary cells.

19. Experts agree that cancer is a disease of the body, mind and spirit. So, proactive and positive thoughts and mind can help people overcome this vicious disease. Intolerance, anger, frustration and bitterness create acidity and stress in the body. Be positive, learn how to forgive and enjoy your life.

20. Cancer cells cannot thrive in an environment packed with oxygen. Deep breathing and fitness activities will bring more oxygen to the body and cells. Oxygen therapy has proven to be efficient against cancer.

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More Useful Information about Treating Cancer

  • Don’t use plastic packaging
  • Don’t drink and store water in plastic bottles
  • Don’t use plastic dishes in the microwave.

John Hopkins Hospital has revealed this information in their latest articles. This information is also available in the Military medical Center Walter Reed.While we are talking about cancer we should also mention dioxin, a chemical element associated with cancer.

Dioxin is very toxic for the cells. That’s why you should not put bottled water in the fridge because the cold temperature releases dioxin from plastic. Edward Fujimoto, a popular wellness managed in the Castle Hospital has also emphasized the health risks in a recent TV interview.

He was focused on dioxin and its negative effects on humans. He pointed out that we should not heat our food in microwaves in plastic dishes. This is especially true for foods rich in fat content.

Dr. Fujimoto claims that a combination of high temperature, fat and plastic releases dioxin which penetrates the food and ends up in our cells. Instead of plastic, Fujimoto recommends the use of glass or ceramics that don’t contain dioxin.

So, food that is packed in plastic must be removed from the packaging and put in something else before it’s heated.

Paper can be used but only if you know its origin. There are many fast food restaurants and regular restaurants that have replaced plastic packaging with paper and dioxin was one of the main reasons for this change.

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