How to Heal Cavities Naturally




The general public has finally realized that when people provide all the things that their bodies need, the body can cure health issues that were considered incurable before. Dental cavities are one good example of a situation like this.

However, scientific research that has grabbed the attention of the public has shown exactly why tooth decay happens and suggested few remedies to solve this problem.

So, let’s see how we can heal cavities in a natural way.

The American Dental Association claims that there is one main reason why people experience tooth decay. This decay appears when people leave foods that have carbs (starches and sugars) like pop, milk, cakes, candy, or raisins on their teeth.

The fact is that bacteria that naturally live in the oral cavity grow and increase their activity in the presence of these foods which results in increased production of acids. If this situation goes on for a relatively long period of time, the acids will damage the tooth enamel and open the path to tooth decay.

However, there are many experts who question this theory. For instance, there are groups of native people that have carbohydrates that easily ferment on and between teeth for years without flossing or brushing their teeth and they have no signs of tooth decay.

Some experts say that bacteria don’t eat processed flour or sugar simply because these products don’t have great nutritional value useful to bacteria. On the other hand, foods that bacteria are fond of like vegetables, milk, fruit, fish, and meat have never been directly associated with tooth decay. But, in case the modern scientific explanation of tooth decay is not precise, what is the reason behind tooth decay?

What Leads to Tooth Decay?

Dr. Weston Price and few other notable dental experts have concluded that tooth decay comes as a result of three things:

  • Consumption of nutrients that are not readily bioavailable and the inability of the intestinal system to absorb these nutrients in a proper way. This factor is affected by the occurrence of phytic acid.
  • Insufficient amount of vitamins soluble in fat like vitamin K, E, D, and A in the diet.
  • Insufficient amount of minerals in the diet.

In case your diet doesn’t include sufficient amounts of minerals and vitamins and comes with high amounts of phytates (found in legumes, nuts, seeds, and grains) and this situation lasts for a certain period of time, the blood structure and the balance of phosphorus and calcium will be disrupted.

As a result of that, the body will start pulling minerals from the bones which will eventually lead to bone density loss and tooth loss.

In other words, the popular belief that sugar leads to tooth decay is not wrong, but it comes as a result of the extraction of nutrients from the bones and teeth not due to the fact that bacteria consume sugar and create acid that causes damage to the teeth.

Food Remedies Capable of Curing Tooth Cavities and Decay

If you want to bring balance between phosphorus and calcium levels in the blood and to help minerals establish a connection with the teeth you will need to do much more than staying away from processed and sweet foods. People must consume more healthy foods that have a huge amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that will strengthen the enamel and teeth in general.

Here’s a shortlist of foods that we must include in the diet:
  • Cooked, organic veggies. You can prepare soups that include bone broth for the best results.
  • Grass-fed meats; grass-fed dairy products, cold-pressed coconut oil, bone broths, and seafood.
  • Gland meats and organ meats – for instance, cooked liver.
  • Reduce the intake of foods that are packed with phytic acid. Some of these foods include beans, grains, seeds, and nuts. You should also reduce the intake of processed foods that contain processed sugars and flours that disrupt the levels of blood sugar.
You should also take some supplements into consideration:
  • Magnesium – this essential mineral is crucial for proper absorption and use of phosphorus and calcium.
  • Fermented cod liver oil – this special type of oil is a rich source of fat-soluble vitamin-like vitamin K, vitamin D, and vitamin A.
  • Gelatin – in case you don’t have enough time to prepare the bone broth, you can also use gelatin as a healthy alternative. Gelatin is good for digestion and gums.

Implement these suggestions in your life and smile freely!

Via Medical News Today | Natural News

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