Press These Points on Your Palm and Wait – The Results Will Amaze You




Are you aware of the fact that there is a way to experience immediate pain relief in different body parts simply by pressing the right points located on the borders of your palm? According to ancient Chinese medicine, these points are related to the points that cause pain.

So, there is only one thing that people should do – press a specific point for about five seconds and inhale deeply and slowly.


Our thumbs can manage anxiety, depression, the stomach, and the spleen. In case you are experiencing headaches, stomachaches, skin issues or you just feel tension and stress, press the thumb.

The base of The Thumb

By pressing the base of the thumb, you should be able to resolve cough problems, respiratory issues, and optimize the work of the thyroid.

Index Finger

The middle finger can help you stabilize and optimize the work of the bladder and kidneys. In case you are witnessing a feeling of fear, disappointment, or confusion, you should use this point to help yourself. In addition, you can use this point to get rid of back and muscle pain, toothaches, and heartburn.

Middle Finger

Use this point of pressure whenever you need help with issues related to your gall bladder and kidneys. So, in case you feel irritable or indecisive, press this point and you will get an instant boost of your mood. Additionally, this practice will enhance your blood flow and vision and you will eliminate menstrual cramp pain and migraines.

Ring Finger

People can enhance the work of the colon and lungs simply by putting some pressure on this point. This is how you can eliminate rejection and negativity. In case you are experiencing digestive issues or you are dealing with respiratory issues or skin issues, just press the ring finger.

Palm’s Exterior

With the help of this specific point, you will be able to stabilize blood sugar levels and solve appendix problems.

Pinky Finger

The pinky finger has a point that can help people stabilize the work of the heart and small intestine. By pressing this finger you can also ease throat pain, bloating, and bone issues.

In addition, in case you are nervous, anxious, or worried, you will get an instant mood boost.

Fleshy Part of The Palm

This is where you can positively affect the heart and the endocrine system. You will optimize hormone production and activity and solve heart issues.

Center of The Palm

By pressing the center of the palm you can get rid of abdominal pain and digestive stress.

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