How to Clean and Freshen Your Mattress Using Only 1 Ingredient




Carpeting, bed covers, clothing, pillows, and especially mattresses are all places where dust mites dwell.  On average, we spend around 30 % of our lives on sleeping, so that is about 200.000 hours spent lying on our beds. How to Clean and Freshen Your Mattress - featured
So, it is reasonable to find a way to keep our mattress in a proper and functional condition. We should also care to get rid of odors and other impurities, as well as to remove stains from the mattress.

How to Clean and Freshen Your Mattress

We are offering a simple cleaning technique that will provide you with a good night’s sleep. You will no longer have to buy expensive products loaded with toxic chemicals in order to clean your mattress.  Instead, you can make this cleaning product using only a Hair Buddha and your favorite essential oil for a pleasant scent.

Required Ingredients and Items

  • 16 ounces of baking soda (one box)
  • Your favorite essential oil
  • Vacuum cleaner


Before beginning with the cleaning process, it’s better to flip or rotate the mattress. This is in fact recommended to be done twice a year to maintain the good shape of the mattress.

Add 10-20 drops of any essential oil in the baking soda box. Seal it and mix the ingredients by shaking the box upside down to prevent formation of large clumps. It’s best to use essential oil with calming scent that will help for a better night’s sleep. Such oils are lavender, sandalwood, and chamomile. But another characteristic of essential oils is that they possess potent antibacterial properties.

Sprinkle the entire baking soda all over the mattress, and rub it with your fingers. Let the mixture act for about an hour.

Cleaning the frame of the bed as well as the walls that border your bed is another good idea. So, you will clean and freshen both, your mattress and the whole area where you sleep. Clean this area while you’re waiting for the baking soda mixture to start working. After an hour or so, clean the mattress thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner.

This homemade mixture will not only refresh your mattress, but it will also help you remove any residue, dust, dirt, and excess moisture. The vacuuming procedure on the other hand will completely eliminate the dust mites from your mattress, thus improving your sleep quality. Clean your mattress and enjoy your sleep!

Note: Make sure your mattress is completely dry before placing the bed sheets.

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