7 Tips You Should Follow For a Perfect Pedicure at Home




The summer is here and we are all trying to wear clothing and footwear that will make us look attractive and help us feel comfortable.

Sandals are the perfect choice for this season, but if you want to expose your feet you need to have a pedicure. It is not possible to visit the beauty salon every time we want because this practice requires time and money.

Tips For a Perfect Pedicure at Home

The good news is that you can do pedicure in the comfort of your home.

1. Soak Both Feet

Pour some warm water in the tub. Add milk (milk can help you smooth and get rid of cellulite) and lavender oil and soak both feet for about ten minutes.

2. Take Care Of Your Cuticles

Apply few drops of cuticle oil on your toenail and massage the area. Use an orange-wood stick to push back the thickened skin.

Take emery paper, file the nails in order to straighten them and carefully round the edges.

3. Make Your Soles Soft

Fill the tub with fresh lukewarm water and after that, use special feet scrub to clean your feet. Rinse to clean after a while. Use pumice stone to remove corns from your heels.

4. Moisturize The Feet

Once you clean the scrub, carefully apply a moisturizer to your feet and lower part of the legs. Leave the product for about ten minutes. After that, use lukewarm water to rinse your feet and legs.

5. Take Care Of Your Nails

Wait until your feet get dry and slowly massage them with hydrating foot cream. Remove the old polish and lotion from your nails with special nail remover that doesn’t contain acetone.

6. Use Nail Polish

Make sure that the old nail polish is completely removed and after that put a base coating that has the same color as your nail. Next, use the nail polish you want and apply it from bottom to top, finger by finger. After about 2 minutes, apply another layer in order to get the perfect nails.

7 Tips You Should Follow For That Perfect Pedicure

7. Take Some Time To Relax

In the end, you should take some time to relax and wait until the nail polish is dried. Avoid doing anything during this time. If you don’t have time, use some drying device in order to speed up the process.

Don’t expose your feet to sun, pollution and dust because feet are prone to illnesses.

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