Okra Water – The Secret Weapon against Diabetes 

 September 15, 2015

By  Gabriela

It is always a good idea to learn more about Okra. This interesting herb is very helpful for diabetes sufferers because it has the ability to lower the quantity of glucose that we absorb by the food through the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, it will also lower the level of glucose in the bloodstream, keeping it stable.

Of course, in order to feel these effects you should be preparing okra properly. One thing that you should definitely avoid is frying okra because the high heat will eliminate its active substance and the effects will be gone.

According to many experts, you can get the most from okra if you are able to practice a healthy diabetic diet and stay physically active.

For example, running only one hour per day can stabilize the level of glucose in the blood stream.

This proper diet together with taking okra, will reduce the overall quantity of glucose obtained on a daily basis and your body will not experience the negative effects of high glucose level ever again.

Don’t forget that diabetes is a disease that can easily progress and in case you don’t make some changes in your diet in lifestyle you will have to start using drugs.

Because of all these reasons, experts suggest regular checkups of the level of blood glucose and regular consultation with your doctor in case you notice certain changes in the body.

Okra Water - The Secret Weapon against Diabetes

In addition to okra, people have found that many other herbs can help with glucose levels. Some of these herbs are cinnamon, Gymnema Sylvestre and Bitter Melon. You can use these herbs in a combination and take better control of the level of blood glucose.

You can find all these herbs in the form of capsules which makes the intake even easier.

How to Prepare Okra Water for Diabetics

  • Take two fresh okras
  • Carefully cut their tails and heads
  • Put four cuts and
  • Before bedtime, dip them in a glass full of water
  • Drink the Okra water about 30 minutes before breakfast. It will stabilize and control your sugar level.

Via All About Beating Diabetes

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