Passion vs Emotion – Knowing The Difference Can Mean Advancement




The relation between emotion and passion sometime frustrates or it is often even misunderstood. Both issues are equally important in people’s lives, but rarely vary.

What is Emotion?

A state of emotional feeling. Effective aspect of consciousness. A Psycho-physical response that causes immediate vigorous action-to change our body, mind, mood, personality, motivation and disposition. In other words, it is a strong and crucial ”sensation”.

What is Passion? 

An emotion is a state of the body, which is not affected by reason. It is full of intensity; a feeling or conviction; a current status; a state of the mind that is affected by something  permanent external ”orientation” of human soul; A  strong desire; Ardent affection of love; Deep emotion or enthusiasm…

Two Way

Emotions is… = To Feel…

Passion is… = To Believe…

Emotions (from the French word “emouvoir” which means, “to stir up”) have a powerful effect on human behavior. They can be considered. From physical and psychological aspects. There are several levels of emotion because the ” trio” Thought-Feeling, Feeling-Action is not related to emotions.

Many people ”give and take’’ emotions and feelings, and they say that emotions are in charge of feelings. Emotions are conditioned by certain situation, perception and experience. In simple words, emotions are part of our life. However, if they are, “Are we on the right track”?

The answer to this question   is simple if we put aside the mental ability of thinking, perception, memory and reason. They are powerful ”forces” that affect and make us act in a certain way; also, there are situations that we avoid and suppress or we don’t have enough courage to do it.  For this reason, many psychologists and philosophers are trying to define emotions and everything that lies behind them.

Positive Emotions

There are two basic emotions: LOVE and FEAR. We all have experienced these emotions. All other emotions are variations of these two. Our thoughts and experiences come from love or fear. Anger, sadness, pain, shame, guilt, depression – come from the emotion ”fear”. Joy, happiness, fulfillment, trust, care, satisfaction are based on the feeling of love.

All these emotions have various degrees of intensity. Some are mild, other moderate or strong. Emotions cannot be controlled or changed; we can only learn how to live peacefully in balance with these two. We are born with emotions and we must learn how to: Reach them, Live with them, Release them.

Passion (from the Latin verb “pati” which means, “to suffer”) are very strong feelings towards person or thing. It is an extensive feeling, desire, activity, enthusiasm, reason, love, excitement and love affinity for a particular person. Passion is often used as a term to explain the context of romance or s*xual desire.

However, it is an extremely deep feeling. Passion can also be identified like an obsession for something or someone. Passion gives a high level of psychological well-being. It makes you strive for enjoyment, satisfaction and motivation. It provides you with energy; It is a state of striving toward the adored, desired, required… It’s focus on a desire… The goal of happiness…

Follow Your Passion

Passion also makes us complete our full potential. She exceeds all real or imagined obstacles; Gives us the power of trust and confidence. People, who have lived with passion, have the courage to express their thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings of love. When you dare imagine the possibilities, to live your own dreams, to seek what you want – you are taking the risk and you are acting; you are full of confidence and passion…

So, what else to say? PASSION IS POWER!

We know that – Emotions require Passion; And Passion require Emotion. However, how to separate and identify these two strong ” ways of behaving”? There is one ” simple” answer: Both feelings are an extreme “philosophy”!


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