Here’s What a Young Man Consumed and Overcame Diabetes Without Medicine!




About four years ago, a very young man found out that he is suffering from diabetes and hypertension. Of course, he started taking high blood pressure pills and insulin regularly.

The fact that he is suffering from diabetes was discovered by accident. Four years ago he started feeling thirsty all the time. So, he decided to visit his doctor and the results were quite shocking.

Overcame Diabetes Without Medicine

The sugar levels have reached 29 and the doctor said that his pancreas is not functioning at all and that he can’t live without taking insulin.

He was suffering from diabetes.

Although he had difficulties to accept this fact, he started taking insulin on a regular basis and he was physically active.

Unfortunately, after a while he started experiencing some other health issues.

When he made a medical checkup he found that his blood pressure was 150/100 and the triglyceride levels were around 16. That’s when he included few more pills in his daily routine.

By Eating Raw Vegetables and Fruits He Managed to Beat His Illness!

It was about two and half years ago, on New Year’s Eve of 2013 when he finally decided that he wants to battle these health issues for good and this decision was partially made after watching the TV show The Edge of Science where Dr. John Zirdum explained how and why he lived on raw foods for 12 years.

After watching the TV show, the young man decided to try this new diet. He simply bought a blender and his journey began.

For exactly one week he was experiencing the typical temptations and cravings, but he was strong and followed the diet strictly. After a very short period of time, he has witnessed the first effects. The blood sugar level has stabilized at 5.

He was pleasantly surprised. This is when he stopped taking insulin because by practicing this diet, sugar levels will remain the same. In addition, he kept some insulin in his cabinet, so in case somehow these sugar levels increase he can take it. However, everything was perfect. Soon after that he started losing weight.

He began to drop a kilo per day. After 25 days he dropped 11 kg. After four months of eating only raw food, he was a changed man. Besides the fact that he doesn’t use insulin anymore, his triglycerides level are 1.4, blood pressure is 120/70, he has the perfect weight, doesn’t use any pills and feels great.

Recipe of his favorite juice

His favorite, tasty juice contains:

  • Two bananas
  • Two apples
  • Five kiwis
  • A handful of kale
  • Two cups of water.

Drink 2 cups of juice in the morning and the remaining amount during the day. In addition, whenever you feel food cravings, eat raw fruit, fruit salads and tuna because it contains vitamin B12 which is great for the body.

The main point is that you won’t feel hungry, because the brain believes that the stomach is full. The brain gets all the information about that through the blood and your blood is at its optimal levels.

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