Warning: Tom’s of Maine Products are Not So Natural. You’ve been tricked again




(HealthAndLovePage) Tom’s of Maine products are definitely one of the most popular brands among people who take care of their health. However, only a small number of people know who’s behind Tom’s of Main and what do actually their products include. This information might be a surprise to many people, but Tom’s of Maine has nothing to do with Tom or Maine.

As a matter of fact, this brand is owned by a corporation that we all know – Colgate-Palmolive (from New York). Colgate-Palmolive is a corporation that is known for the patented gingivitis formula. This formula includes triclosan which is a toxic chemical and potentially harmful substance. When it is found in tap water it reacts with chlorine and forms chloroform – a dangerous chlorinated aromatic.

A Few Reasons to Avoid Tom’s of Maine Products

1. They contain zinc chloride

Zinc chloride is labeled as dangerous for the environment (N), irritant (Xi) and harmful (Xn) according to the Dangerous Substance Directive. You can find more information about the dangers that zinc chloride brings on the Environmental Working Group’s page.

2. They contain aluminum

Although potassium alum found in Tom’s of Maine products is actually a natural mineral salt that contains molecules that cannot be absorbed by the skin, they are not entirely free of aluminum. It buildups in the body, so aluminum starts becoming dangerous and destructive over time. Many studies have confirmed the link between aluminum and various diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, E Times, brittle bones, Healthline, autism, hormonal imbalance, damages to the central nervous system etc.

3. They include titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide is classified as a human carcinogen by the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety. As a matter of fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified this substance as potentially carcinogenic to humans too. There is enough evidence that titanium dioxide in powdered form can lead to respiratory tract cancer through inhalation.

4. Include sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS

SLS can be found in a natural form in coconuts. However, once it is processed, this chemical can be quite dangerous. The manufacturing process called ethoxylation leads to contamination of SLS with 1,4 dioxane, a by-product with carcinogenic properties. A few scientific studies on SLS have confirmed the links between SLS and cancer, reproductive and organ toxicity, endocrine disruption and neurological damage.

Tom’s of Maine Products

5. They contain carrageenan

Tom’s of Maine uses carrageenan in many products such as toothpastes for adults and kid’s toothpastes. According to many scientific studies, food-grade carrageenan can lead to gastrointestinal inflammation, lesions, ulcerations and colon cancer in lab animals. In addition, latest studies funded and monitored by ADA (American Diabetes Association), the use of food-grade carrageenan leads to glucose intolerance and insulin resistance in lab mice.

That’s why it is a good idea to conduct your own research before buying any personal care product regardless of the brand. Remember that your health is at stake. Many experts recommend ABA because it is made only from natural ingredients.

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