Lose Your Weight Without Starvation and Exercise – Lie Only 3x a Day for 5 Minutes, But in This Way




The famous doctor from Japan, Dr. Fukutsudzi has written a book in which he explains a specific weight loss technique. The readers have accepted this book very well and Dr. Fukutsudzi was able to sell more than 6 million books in Asia alone.

So, according to this experienced doctor, if you want to lose weight, you won’t need some advanced devices, tools, or equipment. The only thing you will need is a large towel or ribbon and a small flat surface.

It turns out that this technique is extremely efficient and simple. It has done wonders for those who wanted to lose weight and get rid of extra fat from their waists.

  • Place the towel on the floor and fix it in place with the help of tape;
  • Get down on the floor;
  • Put the towel under the back and form a straight line with the navel. Slowly lie down and make sure that your towel is a little bit wider compared to the width of your back;
  • Spread the legs shoulder width and gently tilt them (make sure that the big toes are touching each other);
  • Extend the arms above your head, put the palms down on the ground, and make sure that your two small fingers are touching.

This procedure is extremely simple, but the position is not very comfortable even though it doesn’t look like this. In case you are unable to get to the end of your hand, just try to get to it as much as you can, but always keep your big toes pressed.

Remain in this position for five minutes and perform this procedure three times a day. In the beginning, you will probably feel uncomfortable or even painful and in case you can’t bare the pain, do this exercise as much as you can.

Once you are finished, don’t get up on your feet fast. It is the best idea to turn on both sides and perform sitting for a few minutes before you finally get up. If you don’t do this you risk muscle strain and similar health problems.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you actually try this technique, it is the best idea to consult your physician especially if you have problems linked to your bones or spine.

Via Healthline

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