2 Acupressure Points that Can Help Relieve Hip and Back Pain, Nausea and Muscle Stiffness




When people get older, it is unavoidable to encounter stiffness in joints, knee pain, and back pain. There are many commercial products that are made to help with these issues.

They claim to help you with inflammation and pain. However, the fact is that most of these products are filled with different types of chemicals, and that is not something that you want to put inside or on your body.


There are other ways that can help you to solve issues like these. For example, you can try acupressure. Acupressure is actually an ancient art of healing.

This art uses fingers to press onto points that can help you to heal. Press on the healing points, that can help you to stimulate your natural self-curative abilities of the body.

According to the Professional Therapists of Melbourne College, acupressure has its origin in ancient China. The acupressure drew a lot of attention thanks to its benefits.

It is said that it can increase relaxation and circulation and that it can help you to relieve the stiffness in your muscle.

What you are surely interested in is knowing which points can help you to reduce the stiffness. According to Micheal Reed, who is a national expert on Acupressure Therapy,  the points for stiffness relief are ST36 and GB34.

How Do Acupressure Points Work?

The healing point ST36 is placed below your knee cap just 4 fingers below and 1 finger width outside of your leg.

The other healing point GB34 is located on the side of your leg, below your knee. It is in front of the tip on the outer bone of your leg.

Micheal Reed recommends rubbing these points on a daily basis quickly, and that can help you to relieve the stiffness in your muscles.

But not only that but if you rub the GB34, you may also relieve hip pain, sciatic pain, nausea, jaundice, and vomiting.

And with massaging the ST36 spot, you can relieve fatigue, and tone your muscles, which can also help you with your digestion, and you can alleviate the cramps during your menstrual cycle.

Other Alternatives to Relieve Stiffness

You need to get enough sleep, so your muscles will get the time they require in order to rejuvenate. Make sure that you are warm because that can also be helpful.

In order to increase your blood flow and relax tight muscles, you can take hot showers.

These are simple and easy things you can do in order to lower the stiffness in the morning. And you can do all that without the use of drugs.

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