The Lines and Wrinkles of Your Face Reveal Secrets to Your Body’s Overall Health




Wrinkles are part of the aging process. So, the spots and lines are part of the natural processes our skin has to go through.

But the aging process is not only about the wrinkles. They can tell us much more about our bodies and health. There is a close relationship between our face and what happens in our bodies. The lines and spots on our faces and eyes give us signals of what is happening with our health. If you know how to read them, you could be surprised.

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There are thousands of years of the system behind this face-mapping belief that indicates the link in our body and the natural process of healing.

Do you know that any wrinkle or line or spot on our face tells a story? This guide will help you read between those ‘lines’.

1. Level Lines on your Forehead

We have all called those level lines on our forehead ‘worry lines’. But there is a good reason why they are called so. It is believed that the cause behind these lines is that the person has lots of stress stored inside them. If they start showing on your forehead, it is a good time to take a break from work go on a relaxing vacation.

They also have a link to your stomach. You could be taking an excessive amount of fats and sugar, but a low amount of water.

2. Line along Right Eyebrow

If you notice a skewed vertical line within the eyebrows, chances are that your organs are becoming weaker. It is even more concerning that the organs could involve your liver.

Start taking foods that are great for your liver. This includes:

  • Green veggies
  • Whole grains
  • Sweet fruits

At the same time, cut down on salt, spice-loaded foods, and coffee. Go to a doctor if you have some liver problems.
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3. Line along Left Eyebrow

A line in the left eyebrow is connected to your spleen. If it becomes easily noticeable, it could mean a problem with this organ. There are many foods to help make your spleen stronger. But you should see a doctor if there is something serious. Sweet foods are good for stimulating the spleen. But this doesn’t mean that you should take loads of sugar. Dried fruit and sweet fruits are great additions to your diet.

4. Line in Nose Bridge

A wrinkle line often forms on the nose bridge. It is a sign that you are more likely to suffer from different types of allergies. It has also been found to have some connection to your libido. So if there is a prominent line, it can mean reduced libido. You should take steps to boost your love life.

5. Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are quite common. They form on the side of the eyes and often indicate that your entire face is involved in smiling. But they are also considered to be associated with eyesight. When you squint to look at objects, the crow’s feed could deepen.

It will surprise you that your crow’s feet are also linked to your liver, stomach, and kidneys. If they are deep, it could mean a weakening of these organs. You should start exercising and improving your diet.

6. Under Eye Bag / Circles

Many people will have under-eye bags when they wake up in the morning. Do you know that it could mean a problem with the kidneys? One or both of the kidneys could be weak. But you can take more fruits, veggies, and fluids to fight the problem.

It could also mean a problem with the circulatory system. Massage and yoga are great for improving circulation. If the lines and bags are heavy, you should go to a doctor.

7. Cheeks – Tender Spots

Do you notice tender spots on your cheeks? They can also be in form of patches or discolored spots. It could mean some problem with the digestive system. In that case, make changes to your food.

Lung problems can also cause red spots and patches on the cheeks. Regular breathing and physical exercises can help in boosting your lungs’ health. It is recommended to see a doctor if you suffer from breathing problems.

8. Nose with Red Tip

It is common to have a red nose in the winter when you are outdoors. But your nose has a connection with your heart and the circulatory system. So red nose could also mean blood pressure problems. If you are suspicious, go see your doctor.

If it persists, you should reduce or eliminate coffee, alcohol, and a spicy diet. Take avocados and other foods with essential fatty acids.

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9. Lines Around Mouth

Vertical mouth lines can be often seen on people’s faces. This area is linked to our colon.

Make sure to maintain your colon’s health by taking more fiber, fluids, and vitamin D. You should also exercise regularly.

10. Laugh Lines

Your laugh lines can mean different things. It may be formed because you laugh a lot. Otherwise, a weak pancreas could be the victim.

Take more blueberries, garlic, grapes, spinach, and cherries.

11. Upper Lip Lines

Very few people will have deep vertical lines around their upper lip. It will often develop in heavy smokers. The upper lip is also linked to our spleen.

So, a line here could mean a spleen problem. Take root veggies such as turnips, carrots, and squash. You should also reduce the size of your meals, taking them more often.

12. Lip Spots

The spots on your lips could be formed because of any reason. One health-related reason could be that your circulation is suffering. You should practice yoga and exercises.

Another problem could be associated with the colon. Take more fiber to boost your colon. Colon cleansing is also a good way, and you can get the help of a professional for it.

13. Neck Lines

Many people have necklines which are also referred to as double chins. They are most likely because you are overweight. But they can also have a connection to your thyroid gland. Reduce gluten intake and add zinc pills to your diet. This can also help with weight loss.

14. Iris Ring

Your eyes could also give out signs of problems with your health. A ring around your iris is a sign of a high level of cholesterol.

This could increase the risk of heart disease and heart attack. Start taking more veggies, and reduce your intake of trans fats. You should also Healthline and soy.

15. Highlighted Temple Veins

High blood pressure often causes the highlighting of the temple veins. You should start by reducing your blood pressure levels. Walking and yoga are great for your blood pressure, but you can also take a break and go on a vacation. You could also take bananas, reduce salt intake, and exercise to reduce your blood pressure.

16. Under Lip Line

Cleft chins are normal, but if you notice a line between the chin and the lower lip, it is a sign of negative feeling buildup. Make sure not to harbor anything negative in your heart for long. It will affect your health. You should get rid of any anger or similar feelings.

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