”IT” Roles of Women




  • Woman INTERNET:  Hardly available woman!
  • Woman SERVER: Always busy when you need her!
  • Woman WINDOWS: Everybody knows that she does not work perfectly, but no one can live without her.
  • Woman DOS: Everybody needs her at least once in lifetime, but nowadays, no one wants her back!
  • Woman BACKUP: She always has everything you need, but at some point she fails!
  • Woman SCAN DISK: Good and willing to help you whenever you need her, but no one really knows what is she doing!
  • Woman SCREENSAVER: There is no need for her; her role is not essential, but she adorns your current life!
  • Woman HARD-DISK: Excellent memory; everything is saved with no chance to delete it, unless you wish so!
  • Woman MOUSE: She works only if you hustle and Move her!
  • Woman MULTIMEDIA: Hmm… Seems she likes to be everything except ordinary!
  • Woman PASSWORD: You strongly believe that you are the only one who knows her, but actually, you know only half of the world…
  • Woman MP3: Everybody wants to download her!
  • Woman CPU: She apparently has all the components that you were looking for, but inside it turns out to be empty!
  • Woman MONITOR: She ” offers” life in color!
  • Woman CD-ROM: She is one of the endemic species of woman that listen to their husbands without a reproach and without saying a word.
  • Woman RAM-MEMORY: Every day, she is faster and faster. Can you keep up with her?!
  • Woman DATA WAREHOUSING: Allows monitoring of everything except what really interests you!
  • Woman E-MAIL: From ten possible things that she has told you, eight are total nonsense WITH CERTAINTY….
  • Woman VIRUS: Generally known as ”THE Wife”.  She appears to be installed in your life when you less expect it and she will embrace all your resources. Don’t try to uninstall her – you will lose something; if you do not even try, you will lose everything!


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