Improve Your Posture and Get Rid of Back Pain with This Simple Exercise




All of us should take care of our posture for various reasons.

Here are just three of them:

1. Bad posture raises the risk of poor blood circulation, tightness in the chest, and back pain.

2. Correcting your posture will significantly lower your pain in the shoulders, neck, and back.

3. Proper posture reduces stress, and improves breathing, hormonal balance, mental clarity, digestion, and overall health, as proven by many studies.

Luckily, you can improve your posture in a simple way. We present you simple yet beneficial advice when it comes to improving your posture, and that’s to exercise the muscles used in a natural, standing position.

To strengthen these muscles, you can do the locust pose – shalabhasana in yoga, more known as laying extension. Do this exercise carefully, and in the way most convenient for you. Consult your doctor before this or any other similar exercise in case you suffer from back pain.

1st Step – Lie on your stomach with your face down, and your forehead touching the floor.

2nd Step – Extend both legs and spread them hip-width apart. Distribute your weight equally on the tops of your feet.

3rd Step – Slowly lift your upper body with your head up. Lift as high as you feel comfortable.

4th Step – Breathe in and raise your head up looking ahead. Lift your hands and fingers as you breathe out. Make sure your hands are close to your body with palms faced downwards.

5th Step – Lift your legs up using your thigh muscles. Your weight need to rely on the pelvis, abdomen, and lower ribs.

Remain in this position from 10 to 60 seconds, and do the exercise 5-10 times, depending on your ability. In this way, you will strengthen your legs, torso, and back muscles, thus significantly improving your posture.

Watch the video below to see how to do this exercise in more detail:

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