The 5 Surprising Facts Why You’re Packing on Extra Weight




It is a well-known fact that in the past 20 years the number of people suffering from extra weight is constantly growing. This is worrying information that has made many governments and even the United Nations appeal to the people around the world to be careful about the amount and type of food they consume.

If someone asks what the reason behind packing on extra weight in some people is, the most logical answer would be – because they eat too much and don’t waste what they have consumed. This answer is correct but not very precise. You usually read some tips in the media like “don’t eat fast food”, “be active” and some other general phrases, but very often people are not aware about some reasons, which directly affect on extra weight.

5 Extra Weight Facts

The following is a list of 5 surprising and less known reasons why people gain extra weight.

  1. Antibiotics in medicine and food.

A microbiome is the ecological community of commensal, pathogenic and symbiotic microbes that live inside our body. Very often people forget that this microbiome can affect your health and in some cases your weight too. In the recent years, people have started using antibiotics as a fast solution for almost all type of problems. What they don’t know is that antibiotics are eliminating all bacteria in our body including the ones that are useful. This means that you disrupt the functioning of your system and weight gain is one of the consequences.

  1. Other substances used in livestock production.

Unfortunately, farmers use some other substances in order to help livestock grow faster. These substances/drugs have negative impact on human weight. For example, many beta-agonist drugs are used in this process. They are used to improve the immune system of animals and to make them bigger. It is interesting that the same types of substances are found in asthma medications. These medications work well but the only down side of their use is extra weight gaining only. They also have been known to cause infertility, birth defects, disability and even death. That’s why more and more countries are banning certain growth-enhancing drugs.

Extra Weight

  1. Artificial sweeteners.

Most people believe that artificial sweeteners are a healthy substitution for sugar. However, many studies have confirmed that artificial sweeteners are boosting appetite, increase the desire for carbohydrates and stimulate storing of fat reserves. Artificial sweeteners can’t trick the brain and when the brain doesn’t find carbs in the system our appetite raises.

  1. Junk food packed in shiny commercials.

It is a well-known fact that the children and younger generation is suffering more from obesity. The reason is obvious. They are watching interesting commercials on TV and on the internet about some food, which is allegedly healthy only because it has a little bit lower amount of sugar in it compared to some “traditional” junk food. Candies, soda, chocolate bars surely taste good but they need to be avoided at all cost even if they are “modified” and contain smaller percentage of sugar and other potentially dangerous ingredients.

  1. Endocrine disruptors.

Sometimes the reason behind the extra weight that we simply cannot remove lay in some other products than food. Most modern household products have endocrine disruptors in them. These disruptors are very similar to estrogen – a hormone that directly affects dozens of bodily functions. Some of these chemicals are used in agricultural chemicals like glyphosate for example and they can be very bad for the gut flora.

This review clearly states what is the impact of endocrine disruptors on weight gaining.

Tips on How To Avoid Weight-Gain Factors

  1. Eat only organic food and avoid processed food.
  2. Stay away from advertised foods.
  3. Buy whole organic food and cook it from scratch to reduce your sugar intake.
  4. Take care of essential and healthy fats – avocados, coconuts, coconut oilraw nuts, seeds and oils.
  5. Opt for glass storage containers and packaging to avoid endocrine disrupting chemicals.

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