How to Use Dark Chocolate as a Natural Medicine




This is an article that chocolate lovers certainly will find interesting. This is their chance to justify their enthusiasm towards chocolate without feeling guilty. Numerous researches have confirmed that dark chocolate is rich in nutrients that can actually have a positive impact on human health.

However, we should not only focus on the nutrients and we should always keep in mind that chocolate is a highly caloric food, thanks to the large amount of fat and sugar found in it. Therefore, this doesn’t mean that you should forget the snacks that consist of fruits and vegetables and turn only to chocolate. Having a balance in your life is key to preserving your health.

You should always look for dark chocolate that contains cocoa in a big percentage. The lower limit is 70%. Flavanols and polyphenols are two ingredients you will find in dark chocolate and they act as strong antioxidants, which means that they are helpful when it comes to the elimination of free radicals.

In addition, raw unrefined cocoa contains epicatechins too. This is another great antioxidant, but since it has a bitter taste, it is often removed from the chocolates we find in regular stores.

Dark Chocolate as a Natural Remedy

1. Dark Chocolate Encourages Rejuvenation.

Because it is rich in antioxidants, dark chocolate can help the cells defend themselves from the negative effects of free radicals and toxins. These effects are more visible as people grow older. In other words, dark chocolate encourages the process of rejuvenation.

2. Dark Chocolate Improves Brain Functions.

Recent scientific studies have confirmed that people who take a cup of hot chocolate before they go to bed on a regular basis have improved their brain functions. The basic reason for that is the ability of dark chocolate to improve blood flow in all body parts including the brain and heart which is of course very helpful for cognitive function.

3. Dark Chocolate is Rich in Vitamins.

As we have mentioned before, this type of chocolate is rich in nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals, which are crucial for our health. Some of these vitamins/minerals include copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin B, etc. A proper diet, that contains these ingredients, can protect people from medical conditions and diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, anemia etc.

4. Dark Chocolate Improves Your Mood.

This is a well-known fact and you are probably aware of it. Chocolate stimulates relaxation and makes you calmer. This is something that is important because stress is one of the reasons why modern people are suffering from so many diseases.

5. Hot chocolate Soothes Cough.

Thanks to the theobromine, an ingredient found in dark chocolate, you could also treat your sore throat. Instead of using some pharmaceutical product, use a cup of hot chocolate or raw cocoa when you are dealing with a cough.

6. Regulate your blood pressure.

Arteries find Flavonols very useful because they help them ease the tension, which leads to lower blood pressure.

7. Reduce cholesterol levels.

By eating dark chocolate on a regular basis, you will be able to reduce cholesterol levels. This is possible thanks to the antioxidants found in dark chocolate.

8. Dark chocolate acts as a natural painkiller.

Consumption of chocolate encourages the production of endorphins in the body. These peptides are known for their pain-relieving and calming effects.

9. Dark chocolate preserves your skin health.

Exposure to UV radiation can cause some serious damage to the skin and the flavonoids found in dark chocolate can protect the skin from that damage. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you won’t need sunscreen, but dark chocolate consumption should protect you when you are exposed to UV radiation for a short period of time.

10. Ease the stress.

As we have mentioned before, stress is the direct cause of many negative appearances in your body. Dark chocolate contains a large amount of magnesium, which is known for its ability to make us happier and more enthusiastic. In addition, some compounds that dark chocolate contains can reduce the levels of cortisol, which ultimately leads to the relaxation of both our body and mind.

Therefore, there you go – you have more than one reason to continue eating chocolate. Of course, consume chocolate moderately.

Sources: GHC Healthy and Natural World.

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