HIV And AIDS Will Be Deleted From The List Of Epidemics 

 July 24, 2014

By  Gabriela

Danish scientist Ole Søgaard, doctor from Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark confirmed being step closer to finding the cure for HIV. Dr. Ole, at the International Conference Of Fighting with AIDS, informed that he and his team managed to activate hidden HIV cells with the help of a cure for cancer. In this way, they managed to extract the infected cells in the blood system where they can be neutralized by the immune system itself.

It is commonly known that HIV hibernates in so called lairs in the body, and then awakes and infects patients. The cure romidepsin used for healing of rare forms of lymphoma, was given to 6 HIV-positive patients being subjected to antiretroviral therapy. With the help of romidepsin the doctors succeeded to awake and “kick” HIV in the blood system. Activated HIV in five of the six patients is now moving in the blood system in huge amounts – says in the report.

HIV Can Be Defeated With A Cure For Cancer

The achieving is part of a larger research for the possibilities of combining HIV activation and vaccine for strengthening of the immune system in patients. This means that after HIV is extracted from its lair it can be caught and killed – informed Steven Deeks, professor and main researcher for AIDS on California University.

Dr. Søgaard has also informed that his patients have adverse effects from romidepsin, nausea and fatigue, however there wasn’t an immediate danger of influence to their health.

HIV - AIDS 2014The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS informed that the mortality from this disease is lowered on global level for more than a third in one decade. With this researching pace it can be expected for AIDS to be deleted from the list of epidemics by the year 2030.

Africa remains most heavily affected continent, with 1.1 million deaths in 2013 year, 1.5 new infections, and 24.7 people living with HIV.

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