10 Popular Foods That Contribute To High Cancer Rates




Rarely any of us think about the negative effects of some foods that we eat. However, the next time you have a snack remember that some of the foods that you can find in the stores have been related to the high cancer rates. In most cases, the food itself is fine and even healthy but the way it was processed and the chemicals and additives inside the food can make it carcinogenic.

Modern people are fond of processed foods, but the fact is that there are many organic, unprocessed and raw foods that are tasty and much healthier.

If you want to lower the chances of developing cancer and other serious diseases, try to stay away from the following 10 foods.

Foods That Contribute To High Cancer Rates

1. Microwave popcorn

It is really easy to make these popcorns and they sure taste good, but they also contain perfluorooctanoic acid, a harmful toxin that is usually found in Teflon. This toxin was directly linked to fertility. This acid also increases the chances of developing kidney, bladder, testicular, pancreas and liver cancer. In addition, this type of popcorns is packed with chemicals, GMO soybean oil and other GMO products.


2.  Canned tomatoes

The layer covering this food is full of BPA, a synthetic chemical that was recognized as being harmful even by the FDA. BPA can be found in almost every canned food. There are reports in which BPA is linked to cancer.

People need to be very careful with canned tomatoes because they are very acidic which mean that they can easily make BPA reach the food. Children are most vulnerable to BPA and some of the risks include early puberty and delayed development.

3. Processed meats

Most hot dogs, bacon, meats and sausages found in the stores are processed and there are some of these foods that come with sodium nitrates. These are the ones that should be avoided. They contain a high amount of processed salt and harmful chemicals. According to one scientific study consumption of about 160 g of processed meats in a short period of time increases the chances of premature death by 40%.

4. Highly processed white flours

Processed grains lose the natural nutrients found in them and if this doesn’t make you stay away from processed grains you should also know that mills also use chlorine to accelerate the whitening process. Processed flour can increase blood sugar levels and insulin levels and ultimately lead to diabetes. Scientists are convinced that this practice can encourage the emergence of cancer cells.

5. Hydrogenated oils

In their essence, these oils are actually vegetables oils that have been chemically processed and oils that have lost their good ingredients and developed bad ingredients.

For example, they have very high level of unstable omega-6 fatty acids that easily convert to trans fats when exposed to heat which often results in skin cancer and heart disease. This is a situation that can be found in many different products like peanut butter for example, so be careful. Hydrogenated oils are often found in processed baked goods and cookies.

6. Potato chips

Potato chips are packed with trans fat, excessive sodium levels and many calories. In addition, they also come with more than one type of carcinogens. Artificial and synthetic colors, flavors and preservatives are some of the most harmful ones. When the potato chips are fried they also activate acrylamide, a toxin that can be found in cigarettes.

It is much healthier and wiser to choose baked fruit chip like the ones that can be prepared in a dehydrator in the kitchen or at least choose minimally processed chips and snack.

7. Soda

If you are fan of soda, you should know that drinking more than one soda a day can increase your chances of stroke several times.

Most sodas contain incredibly high amounts of corn syrup and sugar and this is why you can also expect weight gain, inflammation and insulin resistance. In addition, they also have large quantities of artificial colors and chemicals like 4-methylimidazole a known substance related to cancer. One of the worst ingredients is sodium benzoate which has the ability to reduce oxygen transfer in our cells and lead to many health problems.

8. Farm-raised salmon

You need to pay special attention when you want to buy salmon and other fish that can be farmed like Good House Keeping. Always look for fish caught in the wild is you can in order to stay safe. Farm-raised salmon is potentially dangerous.

The vast majority of farm-raised salmon contains pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics and other substances that can be qualified as carcinogenic. The red-pink colors we see on the body of farm-raised salmon are actually a result of chemical reactions in their body. In addition, a recent study has confirmed the presence of abnormal levels of mercury in farm-raised salmon.

9. Processed sugar

Refined or processed sugars have already been directly linked with increased insulin levels, but what many people don’t know is that they contribute to the development of cancer too. Sugar is used by cancer cells in several ways – they feed from sugars in order to grow and multiply. There are many foods that contain processed sugars like cereals, cookies, cakes, pies, sodas, so try to stay away from them.

10. Alcohol

A recent study conducted by American scientists that was focused on the lifestyle and diet of more than 200.000 women in a period of 15 years has confirmed that postmenopausal women who had more than one drink a day had more than 30% chances of developing E Times compared to women who didn’t consume alcohol.

According to some statistics, alcohol is one of the leading causes of cancer. Of course, moderate or low alcohol consumption can actually be healthy, but overuse of alcohol is linked to many different diseases and health problems like stroke, heart failure, liver failure and sudden death.

So, it is perfectly fine to have a glass of wine every once in a while.

Stay away from these ten foods as much as you can!

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