Health Benefits of Drinking Water before Meal vs. Water after Meal




We all know and agree with the fact that drinking water is very significant for our body, but the main dilemma about this is whether you should drink it before or after the meal.

Regrettably, science cannot give us the answer to this question because the studies that are made gave various results and provide different views. Anyway, we will show you the health benefits of drinking water before and after meals.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water Before Meal

  • It helps you to lose weight: Drinking water before each meal can lead to weight loss and will reduce the number of calories. After you drink water you will feel full and you will eat less food. Also if you choose water instead of calorie liquids like juices and soda, you will avoid sugar.
  • Your dehydrated body will be rehydrated: Usually, when you wake up after a long hour of sleep your body is dehydrated and you should refill the deficit of water. You should do this before your first meal for the day. After doing this you will feel refreshed and you will have enough energy for the day.
  • It helps clean your internal system: Water has numerous health benefits for your body particularly when you take it before your first meal in the morning. It helps clean your intestines and stomach, cleans up the blood toxins, makes your colon pure, balances your lymph system, improves your metabolism, and activates the internal organs.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water After Meal

  • It helps with digestion: Michael F. Picco of Mayo Clinic claims that drinking water after a meal is not a reason for worry because water can help you with the digestion of food so that your body will be able to take the nutrients.

There is a story that says that cold water can cause cancer if you drink it after your meal, but there is no proof for this story. However, this rumor is declared false by the Columbia University Health Services and Mayo Clinic.

We think you should drink water whenever you need it, it doesn’t matter if you do it before or after a meal.

Via Health Shots

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