10 Various Health Benefits of Drinking Cold and Warm Water




(HealthAndLovePage) Water is the main part of the human body and every biochemical and metabolic process in the body cannot take place without water. Thanks to the water, nutrients are transported to all the cells in the body.

In addition, the metabolic products are transported to the lungs, kidneys, skin, intestines which results in complete body cleansing. Water intake must be balanced – we need even intake and excretion of water.

Adult people need between 2 to 2.6 liters of water at mild climate, moderate diet and light work. The required amount of water is not consumed only via liquids, but also through food, by eating fruits and vegetables.

We can drink water at different temperatures and what is interesting is that the benefits of drinking cold and warm water are different. Let’s highlight some of these benefits.

The Benefits of Drinking Cold Water

10 Various Health Benefits of Drinking Cold and Warm Water

1. Good for losing weight

Your body has a normal temperature and in case this temperature drops, the body is working on getting back this temperature. The metabolism is accelerated and the final result is calorie burning. Drinking cold water can reduce your body temperature fast.

2. Fast rehydration

Thanks to its density, cold water can be absorbed by the body really fast. This is obviously a good thing in situations when the body is dehydrated. The fact that drinking cold water is leading to quick rehydration was confirmed by a study conducted by the Columbia University.

3. Lowers high body temperature

There are situations in which the body temperature is increased although we are not experiencing any disease or health condition. For example, the body temperature may rise because of the strong sun or high heat. The best way to balance the temperature and keep it on an optimal level is to drinking cold water. In addition, this will help you avoid heatstroke too.

4. Helps in cases of fiver

Drinking cold water when you deal with fever is an excellent way to cool your entire body. As we have mentioned before, cold water promotes quick hydration and when you have fiver the body can become dehydrated in a matter of hours.

5. Helps your workout efforts

If you are involved in exercise on a regular basis you should know that your core body temperature rises during exercise. That’s why we are sweating so much. This is a way to cool down the body, but during this process we lost plenty of water and electrolytes. These things are important for our energy levels. The best way to replenish the water fast is to drink cold water.

The Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

1. Weight loss

It is interesting that warm water can be helpful for those looking to get rid of their extra pounds. Warm water promotes balanced metabolism. Experts advise Prevention.

2. Detoxification

Drinking warm water has proven to be an excellent assistant for those who want to cleanse their body from the accumulated toxins. The way warm water helps is really simple – warm water supports sweating and sweating helps the body get rid of toxins.

3. Slows down the process of aging

Regular detoxification slows down the process of aging, but drinking water acts in another way when it comes to aging. It contributes to the process of repair of cells found in the skin and makes the skin softer and smoother.

4. Better bowel movements

Drinking warm water contributes to healthy and painless bowel movements. Warm water has the ability to decompose unprocessed food form the bowels and make their movement smooth.

5. Eases pain

Finally, drinking warm water can help you with almost any kind of pain. Many people can confirm that the pain they felt from headaches, stomach pain and menstrual cramps were significantly reduced after drinking only one glass of warm water. Warm water directly affects the abdominal muscles and eliminates the tension which ultimately results in pain relief.10 Various Health Benefits of Drinking Cold and Warm Water 1

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