A Natural Remedy for Gingivitis, Mouth Sores and Toothache



by Gabriela // in All


We all have many kinds of bacteria in our mouths. The amount is actually individual.  Some bacteria in the mouth help in the beginning of the digestive process. However, today it is known that an excessive amount of different bacteria in the mouth can have even more harmful effects than infections like gingivitis, gum disease, toothache or tooth decaying.

Because of this, it is important for you to know how to control these harmful bacteria. The bacteria causing gingivitis live in the plaques creating around your teeth and cause a lot harmful things such as: gum bleeding, inflaming, their separating from the teeth. Another bad thing is the bad breath that is created.

When the case of emerging of gingivitis is more serious, things like toothache, sore gums, gum receding, and loosen teeth can also happen.

There are some natural remedies that can help killing some of the harmful bacteria in your mouth.

The Formula for a Less Severe Case of Gingivitis or Toothache

  • 2 parts white oak bark herb – powder
  • 1 part myrrh gum herb – powder or granules
  • ¾ part Peppermint leaves powder
  • ½ part anise herb – powder or seeds
  • 1/8 part clove – powder

If the herbs you use and their leaves are fresh use a grinder to make them powdery. This formula can be used to make as much powder you like. You can put the mixture in some small container such as vitamins can. The used amounts in this recipe aren’t out to be precise. You can use a combination of spoon amounts from the ingredients and experiment as you want.

Gingivitis - After Treatment

Using the Mixture 

If you have gingivitis or toothache, you should consume the mixture 3 times a day and at least once a week to control the bacteria in your mouth regularly. You can use this powder mixture same as your toothpaste and brush your teeth. The powder helps you by sticking itself to your teeth and gums. Such mixture tastes bitter but you can fix this by adding a bit more peppermint in the mixture.

When the case of gingivitis or toothache is more serious you can also place the powder moisturizer on each side of your teeth. The herbs getting in between your gums and teeth are actually the thing that helps mostly. My wife had spoiled one of her teeth so it caused her pain before she went to her scheduled root canal placing meeting. She couldn’t even sleep at that time. So I had to prepare this remedy and give it to her. After placing the powder on her teeth the pain actually stopped quite fast.

Many other clients have avoided going to the dentist because of toothache or gingivitis by using this great homemade remedy. Still, if happen to have more serious symptoms of gingivitis or toothache start using this remedy, but also promptly go visit a dentist.

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