5 Easy Ways to Free Spirit, Body and Mind




All of us pursue the idea of free spirit, body and mind. The balance of all three is crucial for every human being if we want to achieve inner peace, spiritual enlightenment and positivity. We can establish this balance connection and maintained it by addressing different alternative therapies.

One of the most common issues is this is if one of therapy can benefit somebody, but somebody else will have negative effects. So the point of this research is discovering a way how with different individuals we can manage to get the same positive effects.

Your world should be positively transformed, regardless of methods you are achieving this it can be simple as relaxation or new friends, to something that will really inspire you like new accomplishment. Just pick a useful skills set for your self-healing.

So what will you do when you hit a dead end or a crossroad in your life…. What direction, what way to achieve self-healing?

Free Spirit Basic Points

Below is the list of five basic methods of achieving free spirit, which can be introduce very easily.

Free Spirit - MeditateMeditation is one of the best self-healing tools, always available it’s free, doesn’t cost you anything, only small part of your time. There are different techniques of meditation. You must find the one is most suitable for your needs. Meditation is a basically a forward kind of thing, piece of time, meditation music spending time in peace and quiet it will soothe your soul and connect you the highest aspect of your being your free spirit.

Free Spirit - AromatherapyAromatherapy and Essential Oils. For rejuvenate and rebalance of your free spirit, excellent choice is essential oils. The aroma benefits are amazing for nurturing, support and healing.

One hour before bed, mix several drops of essential oil in aromatherapy oil burner add water (for better effects tone the lights down).

Make this kind of mixture:

  • 3 drops Lavender;
  • 3 drops Bergamot;
  • 4 drops Jasmine;
  • 4 drops Rose;
  • 4 drops Neroli

Just relax and enjoy the aroma. (For small bedrooms use half of the dosage of the mixture above). Letting go just breathing this magnificent aroma will remove the anxiety and stress will vanish in a second. You will feel instant relieve of back pain. Welfare and satisfaction will lift your spirit.

Free Spirit - Deep BreathBreathe! Take position with your legs as wide as your shoulders. Slowly take deep breath using your diaphragm muscles. Breathe In using your nostril, breathe out using your gently open mouth. Visualize how every cell of your body is filled with energy from your diaphragm to top of the head (the crown of head). When breathing becomes your second nature you will be amaze how stronger and taller you are becoming.Repeat the breathing steps above sever times (5-6 repeats).

Free Spirit - Present MomentBe in the Present Moment. This step is known as Zen philosophy, with several deep breath in /breath out calm yourself and focus on the present moment. Nothing else matters be free of any unnecessary thoughts and focus only at the task at hand. The mind will wonder off but you need to stay focus and eliminate the entire row of obstacles just focus on awareness for the present moment.

Focusing on the present moment is of essential importance for your free spirit, doing so we establish the control of our mind and emotions.

Free Spirit - IntentionSet an intention. When we seek something or wish for we must pay attention to the same. The power of intent is surprisingly effective. This can be a module of self-healing or skill. For an example you are looking for a place to park your car, just pay enough attention on this intent and it will happen.

If you are seeking answers just pay enough attention on that intent and the right book with come in your hands. If you feel depress or alone how long it will last, well as long as you let it, pay enough attention of happiness intent and it will happen.

If you are able to use all or any of the five basic steps for achieving  free spirit body and mind your life (will arise like phoenix for the ashes and) will be transformed and be filed with joy and peace. Release your spirit – Be careless.

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