4 Fast Weight Loss Methods to Burn 100 Calories in Just 4 Minutes




Perform these exercises regularly and you will certainly Your Tango fast.

Jim Sarete, one of the most popular fitness coaches in the United States, has developed a unique method that helps people lose weight quickly. He was well aware of the lack of time we all face and that’s why he came up with this idea.

According to Sarete, the conventional exercises that we all practice are not very effective for modern people. Just take running as an example – running helps people lose about 150 calories in one hour. On the other hand, his specially designed set of exercises can help you lose 100 calories in only four minutes! Of course, you will have to follow the instructions carefully.

Sarete says that those who believe that they are in good physical condition can even lower the amount of time to two minutes.

He constructed this fitness plan for modern people who practice a sedentary lifestyle and people who find going to the gym and training boring and unchallenging. The best way to practice these exercises is to perform them together with your family. In this way, you will develop a habit.

Fast Weight Loss Methods

This interesting exercise program that helps people burn 100 calories in only four minutes includes:

1. Squats

10 repetitions will do the trick.

2. Jumping with hands outspread

Try to perform 10 reps.Jumping with hands outspread

3. Stepping

Perform 10 reps on each leg

4. Push-ups

Perform 10 push-ups and if you experience any problems using the wall instead of the floor.

Jim suggests that these fast weight loss methods are performed whenever you can.

You can perform these fast weight-loss methods four times in a row. Just make sure to have a one-minute break between reps.  This means that you can turn this fast program into a complete 20-minute-long training class.

This is more than enough to strengthen your muscles and lose weight. According to Sarete spending time in the gym is recommended for people who want to be perfectly fit. If you want to re-energize and maintain your shape this 20-minute training session will be enough.

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