Emotional Intelligence: Captured In Emotional Turmoil Of Human Society




Does Emotional Intelligence exist?

Let me introduce you to this TRUE STORY. Please read the story carefully to the end. We believe that we can make the world a happier place to live.

Like everyone I have been betrayed by the so called “adults”, which were themselves betrayed by their own parents. As every one of us I came to this world connected to “source”, slowly they cut off this connection and replaced it by tricking me that they were the one to be connect with. And the game of indoctrination started…

They “know” better as they have experience of the life on this planet. You have to think this way. You have to believe like that…

How it does hurt when you do not behave the way you should conform? They make you pay by rejection, fears, and lies and so on. You become just like a puppet, trying to please everyone…

But do people know what Emotional intelligence is?

The ability to identify and use emotions in a positive direction, known as emotional intelligence helps in building a stronger relationship. Family relationships are mostly affected by the lack of emotional intelligence.

What about you???

You have been pushed into little forms. You desperately looked for somewhere to belong and you go through ebbs and flows… One day you just sit down and isolate yourself and maybe for the very first time in your life, you start thinking for yourself… What is this all about??? And who and what am I?

Overcomnig DepressionSlowly one step at the time start the unrevealing truth, you own truth with synchronicity events, books, quotes, some people enter your life offering you messages that only you can understand, because it does resonate within yourself, are appearing.

While this process is happening, you discover a feeling, faint at first but getting stronger. A feeling of wholeness, of completeness and of connection. A feeling of deep peace of mind, of “joie de vivre” and of freedom of being. All your angers, disappointments, rages, sorrows, inadequacies felt for so long are lifted off and you start laughing about it all…

Turmoil of Human Society

Does everyone have the ability to identify and control the emotions of oneself or others?

Your only concern to live authentically your own truth is becoming your ways of life. You no longer care of what others think or might think about you. You offer to whom wants to free themselves tools, supports and encouragements for them to do their own work and nothing else. You simply wish they find they own truth…

It is their job! No one else but them can free themselves! Sometimes parents in the chase of their own happiness forget that they have children. These children are left on their own or slapped by the rough hand of life.

  • Are parents in cases like these the killers of the normal life of their children?
  • Moreover, can parents determine the course of their children’s lives?

Children like the person in this story, are marked in life in many ways. Maybe, not everybody can see this but these children have bruised soul and heart full with scars.

  • Can they be the creators of their own destiny or they are doomed to Cary the stone of their bad faith?
  • In addition, do destiny and bad faith really exist or everybody can continue with normal life despite all trauma thy have been through?

There are people who have always been part of a normal family and mentally healthy environment: no stress nor fights, no divorced parents. Addressed to these:

  • What would you do and how would you create your life if you were part of a family that does not seem much like normal and ordinary?
  • What would you do in order not to repeat the mistakes of your parents, or your children are doomed to have the same destiny as you did???
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