5 A Men – ONLY Tips for Preventing Health Disorder!

The main reasons for health disorder are: bad diet, lack of physical activity and believe it or not, STRESS. Yes! Men also, suffer from stress as well as women. But, men differ with women in the following thing: they need different type of vitamins and supplements in general.

  1. MULTIVITAMINS – Men usually forget to take supplements in their diet. If they take multivitamins daily, it will lower the risk of cancer.
  2. VITAMIN D – this vitamin also, reduces the risk of diabetes, multiple sclerosis and cancer.
  3. OMEGA 3 – PRODUCTS – Keep your heart healthy with these products and lower the level of stress!
  4. GENETICALLY UNMODIFIED FOOD – It is a ”must” to take this type of food, both men and women.
  5. Q – 10 – Men, keep your face beautiful to kiss and your body full with energy.

Also, protect yourselves from high cholesterol.