Death in a Bottle – Many People Not Aware That Bodico Hand Sanitizer Killing Them! – VIDEO




Why you should stop using commercial hand sanitizer starting today?

Investigators have found a link between hand sanitizer ingestion and two Ontario deaths.


Bodico brand included sanitizers with methanol – a known toxic ingredient.

Here you can find the Health Canada cautionary advice on Bodico Hand Sanitizer.

Health Canada has issued a warning to consumers to think twice before buying hand sanitizers produced by Bodico after the death of two residents of Ontario who accidentally ingested this type of product.

According to Health Canada, two residents of Ontario have died as a direct result of hand sanitizer ingestion.

These sanitizers contained a very toxic and unlisted ingredient.

The Centre of Forensic Sciences from Ontario has conducted several tests on two 8-ounce bottles of Bodico Hand Sanitizer and concluded that there is a significant amount of methanol in them.

This amount was almost equal to the amount of ethyl alcohol, the active substance that is listed on the product.

Ontario’s interim Chief Coroner, Dirk Huyer, has reminded people that methanol ingestion can lead to blindness and fatalities. He pointed out that hand sanitizers should not be ingested.

Even though many other experts are warning other people to avoid ingesting hand sanitizers, a simple search on the Internet will show you that there are teens from all over the world who are trying hand sanitizers as a way to get intoxicated.

According to the Children’s Hospital in California, more than six teenagers were hospitalized with poisoning after eating/drinking hand sanitizers.

Health Canada has warned consumers to be careful when choosing hand sanitizers especially when it comes to Bodico sanitizers like the regular sanitizer and those with aloe and vitamin E.

Via CBC News

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