Cow Cuddling Is The New Wellness Trend Now And It Costs $300 For A 90-Minute Session 

 June 24, 2019

By  Gabriela

Have you ever snuggled with a massive farm animal? If you’re afraid of them, researchers are here to change your mind. It turns out, cow cuddling is the hottest trend nowadays, and researchers claim it’s a good wellness method.

PubMed reports that being around animals reduces our stress levels. Although this may sound strange to someone, it’s actually a new therapy. In fact, it’s not that unusual if you think about the cat or goat yoga programs that used to be quite popular.

Doing yoga with a 1,000-pound cow would be pretty challenging, but cuddling with one can be very beneficial for our mental wellbeing.

You may think now “where will I find a cow to cuddle?” Well, the Mountain Horse Farm located in NY gives people a chance to spend some time with a large animal. The “Horse & Cow Experience” allows people to brush or pet large animals, or just cuddle with them.

The Mountain Horse Farm’s website explains that the reason why cuddling with cows is so beneficial is because of their lower heart rate and higher body temperature that help us relax and reduce stress. What’s more, it helps us bond with Mother Nature.

They also say that cows can feel our sadness, happiness, or anxiety, and can respond to us without judgment using a special body language as a communication tool.

And it’s not just cows, but other animals as well. Spending time with them provides healing, relaxation, mindfulness, and comfort, and helps us improve our confidence and assertiveness.

The Mountain Horse Farm offers an hour cuddling session with a large animal for $75, and a 90-minute Horse and Cow Experience for $300 for two people. Now everyone can invite their friend and enjoy together in the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that these animals provide.

According to the animal behavior expert Mario Becker, cows are not “created” to cuddle with people as they are escape animals.

But, Mountain Horse Farm says that each of their cows and any other animal on the Farm is well treated and loved. What’s more, their horses and cows live in herds as if they were living in the wild.


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