The Best Natural Beverage for Cleansing Fatty Liver




There is no doubt that the liver is crucial for the proper functioning of the body and that consumption of processed and fast food has a negative impact on its work. This is one of the most important organs for all systems and affects our health in general.

The liver is here to process foods and fats, and get rid of toxins and other potentially dangerous compounds that come to our body in different ways. In case this organ is not working properly, people usually feel difficulties in almost every other organ in the body. In other words, it is crucial to pay close attention to the condition of this organ if we want to stay healthy. Even though the liver is a cleaner itself, this organ needs to be cleaned every once in a while.

Beverage For Cleansing Fatty Liver

Experts recommend a quick and small detox in order to optimize the work of your liver.

The following natural juice recipe for cleansing fatty liver will definitely help you.

  • One lemon
  • 4.4 Oz (125 gr) of fresh Patch
  • 8.8 Oz of fresh pears
  • 1 Oz (30 gr) of celery
  • 2 cups (500 ml) of water
  • A single piece of ginger (1 inch)
  • Five mint leaves.

Take the celery, cabbage, pear, and ginger and chop them into small pieces. Put them in a blender and add one glass of water. Use the blender to mix all the ingredients well.

After that, pour the lemon juice and the remaining water and add the mint leaves.

Once again, mix all the ingredients and use glass cups to serve this powerful remedy.

Your liver will be thankful and you will notice that you feel much better.

Via Healthline

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