Blackberry: The World’s Most Miraculous Food – Here’s Why




The fact that blackberry tea is so efficient made German officials list this tea in their register as a safe and efficient treatment in cases of diarrhea.

In addition, this tea is also used for the reduction of cases of bleeding from hemorrhoids, sore throat, and wounds. Pregnant women should drink this tea about one month before giving birth in order to ease this process.

In addition, compresses soaked in blackberry leaf tea are used to reduce puffiness around the eyes.

Blackberry Leaf Tea Preparation

  • Take two teaspoons of dried blackberry leaves and pour about 250 ml of boiling water over them.
  • Leave the mixture for 15 minutes and strain it carefully after that.
  • Drink the tea or gargle it in cases of tonsillitis, sore throat, mouth ulcers, and gum disease.

Health Benefits of Blackberries

  • Boosts concentration and memory
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps people experiencing respiratory tract problems
  • Keeps people safe and treats heat and blood vessels diseases
  • Keeps people safe from different types of cancer
  • Aids the work of the digestive system and supports weight loss
  • Helps in cases of anemia
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Provides natural support to pregnant women as well as to nursing moms
  • A great remedy in cases of osteoporosis and gout.

Picking Organic Blackberries

The flower tops and the young green leaves of blackberries are picked in early spring. Blackberry leaves should be dried in a thin layer in order to keep their properties. The ripe fruits are harvested in August and September while the root is best to be obtained in February and March.

How is Blackberry Used?

It doesn’t really matter in which form you will use blackberries because these fruits are always beneficial. The only thing that matters is to use them on a regular basis.

Blackberries are often used to make jams, juice, wine, ice cream, tea, liquor, and a few other things. You can freeze, bake, cook and dry these fruits. It is the best idea to use them raw because this is the form in which they have the most nutrients.

Blackberry Wine for Weak Children and Quick Recovery

Take a large glass jar and place two kilos of ripe blackberries in it. In addition, you should add half a kilo of brown sugar or other natural sweeteners. Mix the ingredients well and leave them in a relatively warm place for 20 days. Don’t forget to shake the mixture every second day. Once the time has passed, strain the blackberry wine, transfer it to clean glass bottles (0.5 liters each) and seal them with corks.

Blackberry Remedy to Fight Low Blood Pressure

Take a clean glass bottle and pour one liter of blackberry wine in it. Next, add two tablespoons of rosemary leaves (finely chopped). Seal the mixture and leave it like that for ten days. After that, use cheesecloth to strain the mixture. Consume half a pint of this mixture after each meal.

Blackberry to Stop Smoking

In case you are really interested to quit this harmful habit, use young branches and blackberry buds as chewing gums because once you do this, the cigarettes and tobacco will have an unpleasant taste.

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