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We have all been in a situation like this – you don’t feel so tired or sleepy, but your eyes have huge under-eye circles and bags and it seems that it is impossible to cover them with your favorite concealer or any other beauty product.

The worst part is that there are many women who regularly experience dark circles under their eyes. Of course, there are women who notice them after a long and wild night out. Regardless of the reason, you should think twice before going to the closest beauty store and spend tons of money on a cream or tonic that promises quick solution.

There is a natural remedy that can provide the same or even better results.

What’s Behind Eye Bags?

The fact is that there are many different causes that lead to these unattractive, puffy and dark circles. One of the main reasons is fatigue. Eye strain is also a common reason.

Under eye circles are sometimes a result of allergic reaction. The same goes for dermatitis which occurs when the eyes get in touch with some mild irritant including makeup and soaps. Furthermore, long exposure to sunrays can result in improper levels of melatonin and lead to darkening of the area around the eyes.

The aging process makes the skin less flexible and elastic due to the lower amounts of collagen and elastin. As a result of that, the skin is thinner making blood vessels in this area more noticeable and resulting in darker color of the skin. There are cases when genetics is the main cause for this problem.

How Can We Solve this Problem?

As already mentioned, there are many costly treatments you can try to fight stubborn eye circles. However, there are two things that are completely free and provide better results that each of us can do.

1. Pay closer attention to the diet. Latest studies have shown that stubborn dark under eye circles can come as a result of lack of iron. This is quite logical because iron maintains the proper movement of oxygen in the body and in case you are experiencing fatigue even if you get enough sleep, insufficient amount of oxygen can be an indicator. So, consume more foods packed with iron like broccoli, spinach and different kinds of squash.

Some naturopaths claim that dark eye circles appear due to antioxidant deficiency. These compounds play the main role in our body’s effort to combat aging and preserve the beautiful look of skin. Some good examples of foods rich in antioxidants include blueberries, cranberries, onions, blueberries, legumes, green tea, black tea and parsley.

2. Opt for a natural remedy. Instead of using expensive and potentially harmful commercial beauty product or medical treatment, feel free to check this natural homemade beauty mask that relies on only three ingredients commonly found in modern households. This is the recipe.

Natural Beauty Mask

  • One teaspoon of cucumber juice (freshly squeezed),
  • One tablespoon of organic honey,
  • One teaspoon of potato (freshly grated).
  • Take all the ingredients and mix them well until you get a paste.
  • Thoroughly clean the skin, apply the paste and wait for about 20 minutes.
  • Use cold water to rinse the paste and use a moisturizer.

With the help of this completely natural mask you will be able to inject antioxidants to the skin and make the skins smoother, brighter and clearer after a couple of days. Perform this procedure three times in seven days and witness the lightening of the dark eye circles. On top of that, you can prevent their reoccurrence if you use this mask once a week.

In addition, this great natural mask can help people who don’t have dark circles too because it makes the skin more radiant. Share this amazing recipe with your family and friends and help them get rid of the under-eye bags and improve their skin health and appearance.

What’s The Secret?

The natural ingredients in it are the reason why this mask is so efficient. First of all, potatoes are packed with potassium and they have ability to soften the skin. There are women who use potato starch obtained from the water where the potatoes are cooked in order to make the hands and elbows softer. In addition, spuds are rich in B-complex and vitamin C and they are known as strong antioxidant agents.

Organic honey is a completely natural remedy for softening hair and skin found in many commercial beauty products. Additionally, honey serves as an efficient disinfectant too. This ingredient will keep the rest of the ingredients together and create a paste that has pleasant scent.

Several studies have discovered that extract from cucumber is very rich in antioxidants and provides powerful antioxidant effects. Placing slices of cucumber of dark eye circles is a remedy that is frequently practiced in modern spas because it was proven that this remedy is efficient.

In case you perform a research you will see that the majority of natural products in the stores contain at least one of the ingredients found in this natural recipe that we suggest. So, why spend a lot of money on products that contain chemicals in addition? Thanks to this natural mask you will get what you want and you will keep your skin safe.

In case you have sensitive skin you are probably aware how difficult it is to identify beauty products that don’t cause irritations. With this mask you don’t have to worry about these unpleasant occurrences.

Use This Mask Today

Pandas and raccoons are good examples of creatures that have under-eye circles that look interesting and even cute, but they definitely look unattractive and ugly when it comes to humans. The good news is that if you have them you don’t have to accept them as part of your life. In a matter of minutes, without spending almost any money, you can eliminate those unpleasant bags. Don’t hesitate to try this mask today and share the results with us.

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