5 Benefits of Switching From Coffee to Yerba Mate

You have probably never heard before about Yerba Mate as well as the majority of people, except for those living in South America, where this “novelty drink” is consumed more than coffee.

However, recently all of this started to change since more and more information about this drink is presented and available due to its incredible benefits.

5 Benefits of Switching From Coffee to Yerba Mate

We give you 5 reasons why you should replace coffee with Yerba Maté!

1. The Stimulation From Yerba Mate Lasts Much Longer

Both, Yerba Mate and coffee contain caffeine which causes mental and physical stimulation.An average cup of both of these drinks, contain about 75-80 mg of caffeine.

Nevertheless, the caffeine sustained in Yerba Mate appears to work differently.

According to many researches, the stimulation from Yerba Mate lasts much longer than that of coffee, and moreover it appears to cause a sense of well-being at the same time.

So this drink simultaneously soothes and stimulates you.

2. Antioxidants in Abundance!

Since Yerba Mate contains extremely high amount of antioxidants, it neutralizes molecules which cause various diseases.

3. All of the Heals!

This drink lowers bad cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, and it’s a natural laxative.

4. Adaptogenic Drink

Adaptogenic is considered as name of an herb that cures almost everything, and supports health in different ways than most common herbs.

These herbs possess the right levels of saponins and antioxidants which build resistance to various diseases and cause body normalization with the bidirectional effect on physiological function.

In other words, the herb will address the whole system and organism to restore health, regardless of the type of disease you have.

5. Yerba Mate Is Far Less Acidic

Juicing for health is naturally highly acidic drink. Over time, our stomach’s high acid content supports a balanced pH of the body, so we come to be susceptible of the high acid body’s side effects.

In contrast, Yerba Mate doesn’t possess the same acidity levels at all. Moreover, it’s alkaline.

You can see all this explained in the video below.

Via The Spirit Science | Circle of Drink