Aluminum Foil Treatment for Sciatica Back Pain & Joint Pain – Treatment of Russian & Chinese Healers




Aluminum foil is used in almost every modern household, mostly for preparing food. However, in the recent period, this type of foil has been used more frequently by Russian and Chinese healers because according to them aluminum foil has strong healing properties.

Many cases have proven the healing power of aluminum foil, but when it is used outside the kitchen it should be used with great caution. In case you have to deal with pain that occurs in your back, neck, knees, heels, or shoulders, wrap the affected area with aluminum foil and the pain will be gone after a short period.

Your bodies have biologically active points and the so-called bio flows go through them all the time. When they go through this area they reflect and return to their starting point – the meridians. In this way, we feel the positive effects on the organs related to that particular meridian where we feel pain. This is the best way to relieve and eliminate pain and solve any health issues.

This unusual healing technique is widely used by Russian and Chinese healers and it has been explained in detail in the work of Wilhelm Reich, one of the best students of Sigmund Freud and a notable psychotherapist.

How Does the Aluminum Foil Work?

Get one piece of aluminum foil and apply it to the affected area. Use a bandage to secure it.

This so-called aluminum foil treatment is used in the treatment of various pains like back, neck, legs, joints, and arms pain, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, salt accumulation, and heel spur. People are advised to use it as part of the treatment of gout and scars that appear after surgery.

All you need to do is to put one piece of foil on the gout or scar. Most Chinese healers agree that a 12-hour aluminum foil treatment will do the job.

So, put a piece of foil on the affected area and leave it overnight. Take a break of 7 to 15 days and perform this treatment once again if needed.

Aluminum Foil and Its Strong Anti-Inflammatory Properties

This type of foil can also help you relieve the symptoms of cold.

Use about 7 layers of foil to wrap your feet. Don’t forget to place a small amount of cotton cloth or paper between the layers. Keep this compress for about one hour. Unwrap it and put it back after two hours. Perform the same procedure three times. Do this every day for one week.

There are many debates about the way aluminum foil works. Many people are providing scientific explanations and others are explaining this with bioenergy. A.V. Skvorcov, a famous Russian scientist has a unique explanation.

According to Skvorcov, healers often rely on unique energy tools like products made of aluminum foil. Our bodies have unique stem cells that are affected by Earth’s energy field. This field is often fluctuating and the energy that gets to the stem cells changes.

The surface of our body reflects our planet’s field and when we use aluminum foil we use some sort of magnifying glass which gets the most from the interaction between these two fields. In addition, the specific surface protects the body from any dangerous radiation.

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