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The 10 Commandments Of Emotional Illiteracy

The Ten Commandments

Emotional literacy is a skill that involves emotional intelligence (refinement in knowledge and understanding of your own and other people’s emotions), and the ability of the best way to use our emotions to increase ethical, personal and social power for our own good and for the benefit of others. 1. Put love in the heart of your […]

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Passion vs Emotion – Knowing The Difference Can Mean Advancement

The relation between emotion and passion sometime frustrates or it is often even misunderstood. Both issues are equally important in people’s lives, but rarely vary. What is Emotion? A state of emotional feeling. Effective aspect of consciousness. A Psycho-physical response that causes immediate vigorous action-to change our body, mind, mood, personality, motivation and disposition. In other words, it is a strong […]

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Black Spider Magic for Red – Passion Night

Black color in some countries is a symbol of lamentation; on the runway – symbol for elegance and attraction; in bed – PASSION and MYSTICISM! Black clothes, especially underwear, is very appealing to both men and women. It looks s*xy, doesn’t it? Men say that the most passionate nights in their life occur when their […]

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