6 Vegetables You Buy Once and Regrow Forever




Vegetables are one of the healthiest foods on the planet, especially homegrown ones.

They are much more loaded with nutrients and tastier than the ones bought from grocery stores. Although the vegetables will take some time to grow, they are definitely worth waiting for.

Homegrown vegetables improve overall health as they provide various health benefits.

You don’t need to have a garden or a whole farm to grow your own vegetables. You can do it inside your home and thus save a lot of money.

You need fresh scraps for the process. When they regrow, make sure you water your vegetables regularly. Also, they should get enough light exposure.

1. Garlic

Use an ordinary garlic clove to grow your own garlic.

The new garlic sprouts will have a milder flavor, so they are perfect for pasta or salads. Put them in a container with water once they start sprouting.

2. Cilantro

Put the cilantro stems in a glass of water, and once their roots have grown enough long, put them in a pot with soil.

They should be kept in a well-lighted place. You should expect them to grow fully after a few months.

3. Romaine Lettuce

You need the bottom of a lettuce head to grow new romaine lettuce. Put them in half an inch of water. You will notice new roots and leaves after several days. Transfer the lettuce into the soil, and expect the leaves to grow up twice the size. You can grow cabbages in the same way.

4. Carrots

Use the carrot tops to grow carrot greens. Put them in a container with water and keep them in a place with good lighting, such as the window sill. You can use the carrot greens chopped in salads together with garlic and some vinegar.

5. Scallions

You need the discarded roots of scallions to regrow new ones. Let an inch of the scallion to the root, and place them in a container with water. Keep the container in a well-lighted room.

6. Celery

To regrow celery, you need the leftover bottoms of the vegetable. Cut off the base and place it in a shallow bowl or saucer with enough sunlight exposure. You will notice the leaves will start growing and thickening. Transfer it to a pot with soil after three days.

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