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(HealthAndLovePage) You have probably heard about lavender oil and the culinary use of lavender, but have you ever heard about a lemonade drink that includes lavender? The personal experience of many people as well as some scientific studies have confirmed the strong healing properties of lavender and probably the best way to use these benefits is to spice up your lavender lemonade.

Besides the incredible health benefits, you can also expect to get a drink that smells and tastes wonderful. The best part is that lavender lemonade drink is very easy to prepare. But, before we go into details let’s check the details about this interesting flower.

As previously mentioned lavender also comes in the form of oil. This amazing essential oil has a beautiful scent and calming effects. Although it comes with strong healing properties, this is a really gentle essential oil and that’s why you can find it many households today. This oil has complex structure that includes more than 150 substances.

This incredible flower comes with antispasmodic, antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, analgesic, antimicrobial, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, hypotensive and calming properties and it was used as a natural remedy against many different infections associated with the pharynx and throat since ancient times. The lavender oil has the ability to completely eliminate streptococci and other similar pathogens from the system.

Few studies have concluded that lavender oil provides excellent results in cases of high anxiety and high pulse rates. The research included nursing students that were taking tests that caused stress. In addition, it was proven that the same positive effects were achieved in people with pre-surgery anxiety (the effects were better compared to traditional massage). Finally, another study showed that it eases labor pains, depression and moodiness which means that lavender oil has strong medicinal properties too.

There are many examples of clinical trials which included lavender oil aromatherapy.

To start with, Alaoui-Ismaili with his team has concluded that the aroma of lavender doesn’t only have pleasant taste and smell, but it also affects the autonomic nervous system in a positive way.

Dunn and his coworkers were focused on the reactions that patients in intensive care units have when they are treated with lavender oil. The patients had at least one aromatherapy session which included 1% lavender essential oil. The very important anxiolytic effects were visible right after the first therapy session. It is worth mentioning that the 2nd aromatherapy didn’t provide such effects although it was beneficial.

Lavender Lemonade

Lewith and his team was focused on finding and noting the impact of lavender aromatherapy on anxiety and bad mood in female patients who were practicing chronic hemodialysis. In order to measure the effects of this type of aromatherapy, researchers have used the Hamilton rating scale for depression or HAMD as well as the Hamilton rating measurement for anxiety or HAMA. Lavender aromatherapy drastically lowered the scores of HAMA which was a good proof that this is an effective and safe way for treating anxiety and depression in female hemodialysis patients.

Finally, Diego together with his team showed that people who use a 10% lavender oil olfaction for about 3 minutes felt less tensed and had significantly lower anxiety levels, improved alertness (better alpha power on electroencephalogram), better mood and even faster speed of mathematical calculations.

No matter if you use a massage or not, lavender aromatherapy will surely replace most of the conventional analgesic that you use and it will also ease the pain in both children and adults.

Making a Lavender Essential Oil and Lavender Lemonade Mix

If you want to make a mixture of lavender lemonade and lavender essential oil, you will need to get these ingredients:

  • 12 cups of plain water.
  • One drop of lavender essential oil.
  • Six lemons (peeled and squeezing).
  • Lavender sprigs (used for decoration).
  • One cup of maple syrup or raw honey.


If you wish, you can increase the amount of maple syrup (or raw honey) and water. Mix all the ingredients together and let them stay for a while.

Lavender oil for headaches, anxiety and skin health.

Spread between 10 and 12 drops of lavender in the air when you are at work in order to relax and reduce stress levels.

In case you are suffering from dry skin, simply pour 6 drops of lavender essential oil to the water and start bathing.

In order to improve your skin health, eliminate stress of improve quality of sleep add two drops of lavender oil in your unrefined organic body oil.

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