3 Ingredients That Cure Clogged Arteries, Fat In The Blood, Infections And Cold




We present you with one of Germany’s oldest home remedies. For the preparation of this remedy, you need only ginger, garlic, lemon, and water.

In fact, this drink, which is a combination of three super healthy foods, can bring more benefits to your health, such as:

This remedy, because of its ingredients, is the best prevention from free radicals and one of the greatest fighters against heart and circulatory diseases.

Let’s get prepared this simple, healthy, 3 ingredient recipe.

3 Ingredients Recipe


  • Four whole garlic (large).
  • One 1 – 1,5 inch (3-4 cm) ginger.
  • Four whole lemons (with zest).
  • 0,5 gallons (2 l) of pure water.


Wash the lemons well and cut them into a few pieces.

After that, peel the garlic and blend it in a blender, together with the ginger and lemons.

In a larger metal container, pour the water, add the blended mixture, heat, and stir them until the boiling point.

Just before boiling, turn off the stove and allow the mixture to cool down.

Drain the mixture in bottles.

Lemon water and cooking neutralize the unpleasant smell of garlic.

Every day, at least 2 hours before a meal, drink a cup of this drink on an empty stomach.

Before drinking, shake the bottle to get lemon and garlic at the bottom, mixed with juice.

Source: Healthline

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