10 Simple Ayurvedic Tips to Stay Healthy Life long




For many people, Ayurveda is something mysterious and complex, but the fact is that Ayurvedic scripts can be embraced, understood, and practiced by any individual. If you are willing to implement a few new practices in your lifestyle and you follow them on a daily basis, it will be very easy to protect yourself from diseases and ailments and stay in shape. This is a shortlist of ten easy Ayurvedic tips that will help you live a healthy life.

1. Consume one glass of warm (you can also drink hot) water in the morning before breakfast.

2. If you want to optimize digestion, when you are done with your meal, you must be sure that your stomach is one-quarter empty, one-quarter filled with liquid, and half full with solid substances. 2

3. Wait for 5 hours between each meal.3

4. Perform so-called Oileation which is actually a type of Ayurvedic massage of your body at least two times a week. 4

5. Work out three times a week. 5

6. When you are eating, focus on your meal – don’t use the Internet, watch TV, work, or do anything else at the same time. 6

7. Choose foods that are suitable for your body type. 7

8. Do not consume iced drinks or iced water, right before, during, and after the meals. 8

9. Take some time to learn more about your body type. 9

10. Create a weekly and daily routine and stick to it. 10

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