20 Super Foods to Naturally Cleanse Your Liver




Why detox is so important for the liver?

The fact that toxins and other harmful substances are building up in the body all the time is the reason why we occasionally need a detox. Toxins are chemicals that have the potential to produce negative effects. Some toxins can be easily spotted like environmental impurities (dust for instance) or pesticides.

However, there are certain less noticeable toxins like the by-products that come from processed foods and even some that are naturally produced by our body, but they cannot be flushed out properly.

Detox Diet Issues

Detox diets require staying away from specific types of foods and after a certain period, you can slowly start consuming them again. The only thing foods that will be permanently out of your diet are the ones that are completely unhealthy.

While it is true that some symptoms can improve by practicing a detox diet, it is also true that there is no scientific proof that this is a direct result of the process of detoxification. Some experts claim that this improvement comes as a result of the fact that we don’t consume certain types of foods and drinks.

In other words, the majority of liver detox diets were not scientifically tested. Almost every weight loss comes from muscle and fluid loss. The vast majority of people regain weight when they stop their diet. In addition, there are indications that detox diets that are practiced for a long period can harm our health.

Natural Foods Provide Much Better Results Compared to Any Detox Diet

There is enough evidence to claim that a proper and healthy diet is more effective than an average detox diet. The liver is the most important organ in our body when it comes to toxin cleansing. It removes the toxins from the bloodstream, activates and maintains healthy digestive function, and allocates the nutrients we take in a proper way.

The following is a list of natural foods that you should consume in your healthy diet. With their help, you won’t feel hungry and you will support the work of your liver.

Detox Liver Foods

1. Carrots and beets: Beets are rich in beta-carotene and plant flavonoids. On the other hand, besides their high carotene and flavonoid content, carrots are packed with Glutathione, a useful protein that supports liver detoxification. By consuming carrots and beets regularly we support liver function in general.

2. Tomatoes: Tomatoes have a high amount of Glutathione which (as we have mentioned before) is an excellent detoxifier of our liver. They also contain a significant amount of Lycopene, a substance that can lower the risk of skin cancer, Liver Exam, and breast cancer.

3. Grapefruit: Yet another excellent source of glutathione. In addition, grapefruit comes with large quantities of antioxidants and vitamin C, increases the production of enzymes that support liver detox, and improves the cleansing process by eliminating carcinogens and similar harmful substances from the liver.

4. Spinach: Organic spinach is one of the best sources of glutathione which can improve the work of the enzymes found in the liver focused on detoxification.

5. Citrus fruits: Lime and lemon are rich in vitamin C which improves the work of the liver and supports the synthesizing of harmful substances into materials that can be easily absorbed and processed by water.

6. Cabbage: Thanks to the Patch, the body can create isothiocyanates or ITCs which support the work of the enzymes that can eliminate toxins.

7. Turmeric: Turmeric is one of the best spices for the liver as it accelerates the work of the liver, by helping enzymes that actively eliminate carcinogens.

8. Walnuts: There is no doubt that Healthline, has amino acids called arginine and glutathione. All these compounds improve the liver’s cleansing abilities and they are especially useful in the process of ammonia detoxification.

9. Avocados: Avocado is labeled as a super-food for a reason. It is rich in various nutrients that support the production of glutathione in the body and we all know how important this compound is.

10. Apples: This fruit is rich in pectin and similar natural chemicals that are crucial for the proper cleansing and release of toxins from the intestines. Apples help the liver manage the toxic load much easier during the process of detoxification

11. Brussels sprouts: This vegetable is packed with sulfur and glucosinolate – a powerful antioxidant. Both substances are supporting the release of enzymes in the liver. These enzymes prevent the damage caused by dietary and environmental toxins.

12. Garlic: Garlic comes with large amounts of sulfur that triggers liver enzymes which ultimately leads to better detoxification. In addition, garlic is packed with huge quantities of selenium and allicin and these natural substances also support liver detox.

13. Dandelion: A tea made of dandelion root can help the liver in processing fats, creating amino acids, and the overall process of detoxification.

14. Leafy green vegetables: These veggies are very rich in plant chlorophylls. These substances can absorb the toxins that come from the environment, improve bile production, balance the effects of chemicals, heavy metals, and pesticides, and improve the work of the liver.

15. Cruciferous vegetables: By including cauliflower and broccoli in your diet, you will be able to increase glucosinolate enzyme production in the body and you will easily eliminate carcinogens and many other toxins.

16. Asparagus: Asparagus is an excellent diuretic known for its ability to support the process of detoxification and its helpful effects on the kidneys and liver.

17. Green tea: Green tea is packed with antioxidants called catechins. This compound aids the liver detoxification.

18. Olive oil: Organic oils produced with cold-pressed techniques like olive, flaxseed, and hemp oil are excellent for the liver and give the body a lipid base that can absorb dangerous toxins.

19. Alternative grains: grains rich in gluten like flour, wheat, and other whole grains support the production of enzymes in the liver. Try to introduce alternative grains like buckwheat, millet, and quinoa into your daily diet.

20. Soya lecithin: the granules of soya lecithin are rich in phospholipids which protect the liver and help the overall process of detoxification.

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