14 Then vs. Now Pictures That Show How Times Have Changed




Life is always changing, including ourselves and everything around us. We can’t stop the time from changing, but we can make sure it doesn’t change for the worse.

In the past, most of us did things for fun, and not for getting recognition or praise from others. Our time spent together with our family and friends was real, and not via Facebook, Instagram, or other social media. We used to eat organic food, and now most of it is genetically modified and loaded with toxins and pesticides.

We can only guess what else will change and what will the kids from these generations say when they grow up.

Here are 14 then vs. now pictures that will make you realize how life has changed in the past decades.

1. Share and You can Get in Trouble

2. Vacation Photos Have Changed Forever

3. Why Do We Have to Grow Up?

4. Look at Me! Again, and Again…

5. Is it Facebook’s Fault, or Not?

6. Middle Ages

7. Kids Playing

8. Reading Doesn’t Have to Be Like This!

9. Messages Instead of Phone Calls

10. The Biggest Fear

11. Difference in the Film Making

12. The Smaller the Better!

13. Things Size Up

14. It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This!

Via All That Grows | Anonymous News

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