Better Looking Feet in no Time! Don’t Waste Another Dime on Pedicures




Worn, cracked heels can be very unattractive. And every lady out there deserves better-looking feet to experience the summer without the fear of wearing sandals and flip-flops. Indeed, many people have insecurities related to the appearance of their feet.

Especially if they are exposed to daily wear, rough skin, and callouses. But don’t fret, we have a solution for you! And it doesn’t include any of those expensive products related to foot care.

Instead, it relies on a time-proven method for improving the texture and softness of your feet while at the same time keeping them well moisturized and healthy.

What we offer is a fantastic recipe that you can prepare in the courtesy of your home. And it is both easy and straightforward.

Recipe for Better Looking Feet

All you need are two very familiar ingredients that you already have in your kitchen.

  1. Four cups of milk,
  2. Three tablespoons of baking powder.

Boil the milk and then pour it into an opened container appropriate for your foot size. Add and mix the baking powder, and make sure the temperature is cold.

Afterward, in the next 10 minutes, you need to soak your feet. Sook at least 10 minutes and try to relax. It’s not recommended to go overboard with this part. If you soak them up too much, your feet could become dry and “cracked.”

For sensitive skin that reacts to additives, add sea salt, dried flower petals, and essential oil.

Once you finish, start rinsing your feet with lukewarm water and then dry them. If you have cream to aid you in exfoliating, you can use that too! To exfoliate, before you start rinsing, rub the cream as mentioned earlier on your feet. Use your hands to smooth out the roughness and remove dead skin cells.

Water that can be described as too hot or too cold can lead to redness and other damage, so it’s best to stick with lukewarm water.

For best results, turn this treatment into a ritual you perform every day. Foot soaking can remove dead skin cells and help moisturize your feet.

The results will amaze you! You will have better-looking feet in no time, and your feet will feel much softer and smoother. Have faith in the recipe and in no time you will again wear your favorite sandals with pride!

Source: Little Things

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