10 Best Exercises to Get Rid of Double Chin Fast




It is a well-known fact that the aging process affects the look and properties of our bodies. We cannot prevent this change and just like everything in the nature changes we should accept that people change too.

This process brings many different changes like sagging chin and jowls for example. It turns out that gravity can sometimes be unpleasant. Our eyelids, breasts and chins are conspiring secretly against our beautiful appearance as we grow older.

Get Rid of Double Chin Fast

Luckily, there are certain things that can delay this process or make it more acceptable. We are presenting you 10 highly-efficient exercises that will help to get rid of double chin on your neck and face. Before you make any of these exercises make sure to perform slow head rolls in order to warm up your shoulders and neck.

1. Up and over

Start this exercise in a relaxed and calmed position. Keep your lips together so you can tighten the muscles on your face. Look up and over while tilting your neck slowly to the right. Activate all muscles located in your jowl and neck and feel how tight they are. Remain in this position for half a minute. Relax and get back to the initial position. Perform the same procedure on the left side.

2. Neck lift

You can find many interesting and useful information about elimination of a double chin on Yoga For Eternal Bliss (watch the VIDEO at the end of this page). Check their specially designed neck lift exercise. Keep your hand tight at the beginning of your neck – on your collarbone. Carefully move your head up and down. You will notice how your neck gets tight and relaxed. Perform 12 repetitions, take a break and repeat one more time.

3. Gravity kiss

Take a deep breath and relax. Tilt your chin a little bit in a proper position. Simply kiss the air in an intentional kissing movement and by parting your lips. You will feel the chin tightened. Perform 12 reps, take a break and repeat the procedure again.

4. Double chin be-gone

Stand upright and keep your look forward. Slowly extend your neck and stick your chin in and out. Your body and head should be still. Notice how your neck and chin muscles are tightened as you make your chin go in and out. In this way you are strengthening your jaw and the muscles around it. Perform 12 repetitions, take a break and repeat one more time.

5. Neck hold

Gently place your hands around the neck. In a relaxed, slow motion, pull down the neck muscles while keeping your eyes upward. Slowly raise chin into the air, slightly stick out your chin, remain in this position for half a minute, rest and repeat.

6. Chin hold

Tighten your lips together. Put 3 fingertips of each hand under the bottom lip, thumbs slightly under the chin. Press down and keep this position firmly with the help of the fingertips. Remember to use the chin to keep the lips from splitting. Keep this position for 30 seconds and repeat.

7. O Maneuver one

Keep your lips tight together and make an O. Perform sucking motion in facial muscles and cheeks. Keep your chin in the air for about half a minute. Your muscles will be tightened and firm. Repeat this procedure one more time.

8. O Maneuver two

Perform the O Maneuver one more time however this time release and hold for one second and do this 12 times, take a break and repeat.

9. Tongue press

You can check how to perform a tongue press on Livestrong.com. Keep a good posture and relax your head. Press tongue upwards. Lower your chin up and down. Your jowl and neck muscles will contact each time. Perform 12 repetitions, take a break and do this again.

10. Chin press

Put the back of your fingers just under the chin. Keep your lips tightened and press the chin into the fingers. Fingers serve as resistance needed to make muscles tighter. Perform 12 repetitions, take a break and repeat.

Begin exercising as soon as possible in order to prevent double chin and sagging muscles and skin.

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