We are Eating a Poison! Here’s How to Identify GMO Tomatoes




You are probably familiar that nowadays, the majority of soy, corn, sugar beets, and canola is grown in America are genetically engineered, and are often included in the production of processed food. However, have you heard that lately tomatoes are also genetically engineered?

We are constantly hearing advice from worldwide experts on how we should eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately, the market today is overloaded with GMO fruits and vegetables.

Countless studies have proven the harmful effects of GMO fruits and vegetables on our health. What’s even worse, the majority can’t make a difference between a GMO-free and GMO product, so they are probably buying a lot of GMO fruits and vegetables, without even being aware of that. In this post, we present you an easy way to recognize GMO tomatoes, so that you can avoid them in the future.

How Safe is GMO food?

Generally, there are 2 different viewpoints on genetically engineered food (GMO) in terms of their safety and our health. There are scientists and industry leaders who support GMO food, and those who think it’s harmful. GMO products have been associated with sterile, sick, and dead livestock, allergic and toxic reactions, and damage to almost every organ in lab animals.

According to many developed countries, GMO food isn’t safe. Over 60 worldwide countries, including Japan, Australia, and European Union countries, have strict restrictions on the production and sale of genetically engineered food.

How to Identify GMOs

The price tag of vegetables and fruits grown in a typical way with chemical injections has a 4-digit code. On the other hand, organic vegetables and fruits are labeled with a 5-digit code beginning with the number 9.

GMO vegetables and fruits are labeled with a 5-digit code starting with the number 8. Remember these codes, as nowadays, over 80% of U.S. processed foods have been genetically modified. The countries in Europe that have prohibitions on the production and sale of GMO food are France, Austria, Greece, Germany, Luxembourg, and Hungary.

Via Healthline

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