I’ve Been Washing My Hair Wrong My Entire Life, and This is How You Should Actually Do It




A lot of people have rather fickle hair. One day has beautiful hair, the other a messy one.

We all want soft and soothing hair when we move our fingers through it, but if we have dry hair or dandruff, this can be quite irritating.

Washing your hair with shampoo might make your hair soft, beautiful, and normal again. However, this is just temporary. You need to wash your hair in the right way so that the beautiful and healthy look of your hair lasts longer.

1st Mistake – You prolong the washing.

Don’t wait too much time between washes, but wash it whenever you feel your hair needs it. That can be once a week in winter, and every day in summer. It’s up to you to decide!

2nd Mistake – You use shampoo in every washing

To avoid dry scalp, skip the shampooing part once in a while if you wash your hair on a daily basis.

3rd Mistake – Scrubbing the scalp

To prevent damage and breakage, avoid scrubbing when washing your hair. Instead, work your fingers through your hair with gentle moves.

4th Mistake – Hot showers

Although we all like to relax in a Chopra, this is not good for our hair. The reason is that the hotness will dry out the scalp and skin. Instead, we should use lukewarm or even cold water to rinse our hair.

5th Mistake – Usage of too many shampoos

You may love to try the effects of Bride Side on your hair, but this is not recommended.  It is easier for your hair if you use only one shampoo.

6th Mistake – Using too much shampoo

Using too much shampoo is not good for your hair. In fact, the amount of a coin size will be just enough for one washing.

7th Mistake – Towel drying

Wet hair is fragile hair, so don’t rub it with a towel, but pat dries it gently.

8th Mistake – Brushing

Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet to prevent hair breakage.

9th Mistake – Shampooing the scalp first

Avoid always shampooing your hair starting from the scalp. Instead, start sometimes with the nape of the neck.

10th Mistake –Not soaking the hair

Always make sure you apply shampoo to well-soaked hair.

11th Mistake – Shampooing the entire hair

Instead of shampooing your entire hair, shampoo only the roots and apply conditioner on your ends.

Via Byrdie | Best Life Online

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