He Wanted To Get The Feel Of Labor. What He Did? This Guy Must Be So Daring! 

 April 30, 2016

By  Gabriela

If you’re a mom or wife, you’ve probably received a present on a Mother’s Day. He Wanted To Get The Feel Of Labor. What He Did This Guy Must Be So Daring!It could be you won; a bouquet of flowers or some chocolate for being a great mom, but what this guy did for his wife is totally unbelievable!

Penn, of The Holderness Family, is probably the most hated individual in the men’s world right now, but it’s what he did to get himself in that situation; that’ll surely get your mind blown. So interesting!

So it happens that, on Mother’s Day, Penn he decides to show his appreciation to his wife.

He is a very creative and daring guy, so he comes up with the most astonishing idea.

How about he gets an experience of labor, just like his wife got when giving birth to their children?

He ended up getting hooked onto a labor pain simulator. Crazy!

Check out this clip and see what happened. What do you think about this?

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Via The Holderness Family

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