Here’s What You Must Do If You Want To Sleep Better




The majority of people go to bed barefoot and in case you don’t belong to this group of people you should start following this practice. The following trick will aid your efforts to combat insomnia and it will help you fall asleep much faster.

In this video created by the famous New York Magazine, you will find out why the feet stretch out from the quilt or blanket. In addition, you will also learn how this practice helps people fall asleep faster.

So, by leaving them out, our feet become colder and affect the overall body temperature. This is a signal to the brain and to the entire body that it is the right time to fall asleep. You will be amazed how fast you will become sleepy and you will also get a chance to improve the quality of sleep.

Are you suffering from insomnia? Leave the feet out!

Via Health Awareness Community

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