4 Easy Ways to Naturally Unclog Your Lymph Glands to Reduce Bloating Quickly




According to experts in this field, the lymphatic system is one of the most complex systems in our body. Its main purpose is to carry the lymph in different body parts.

One the other hand, the lymph represents a transparent fluid that consists of white blood cells and byproducts and is one of the most important factors in the process of body detox. The work of the lymph is possible thanks to the sophisticated system of nodes, vessels and valves found below the first layers of skin.

4 Easy Ways to Naturally Unclog Your Lymph Glands to Reduce Bloating Quickly

The lymphatic system gets rid of waste that comes from internal organs and cells and carries them via lymphatic channels. The main objective is to allow the cells to work properly.

This is a completely independent system. In other words, it doesn’t depend on the support of our heart or the muscles found in the digestive system. However, in some cases this system can reduce its capacity or even stop this activity.

In cases like this, it may lead to many health issues like lack of ability to remove toxic substances from the digestive system which will reduce its capacity even more. In other words, the body will soon experience intoxication because the GI tract won’t work and the waste will remain inside the body.

In addition, slow lymph, can also buildup in every body part which will result in bloating and puffiness. This will make you feel overweight or obese even though your weight may be ideal. This situation is known as fake fat.

So, lymph requires our support so it can go up because it doesn’t have a mechanism to support its movement on its own in case problems occur. The lymph must come to the nodes so they can activate the immune system to cleanse the harmful substances.

As we have mentioned before, since it doesn’t have any help from the rest of the organs it is not unusual for the lymph to get stuck. Because of this, there are many people who notice swellings in the feet and ankles and if there is inflammation present too, they deal with water retention in the body and accumulation of lymph.

Unclog Your Lymph Glands and Reduce Bloating

Now let’s see how exactly you can unclog your lymph glands and also reduce bloating.

1. Start moving

If you want to make your lymph moving you must move it manually. The simplest way to do this Is to get involved in physical activity or simply moving quickly and rapidly. The contractions of muscles in the body will bring pressure on the body and especially on the vessels in the lymphatic system. According to many experts some of the most efficient types of exercises for this purpose are trampoline jumping, jumping rope, jumping Jacks and any kind of jumping in general.

2. Practice a lymphatic massage

Now here’s an example of a pleasant activity that will boost your lymph. This is activity can be done by a professional masseuse or you can perform on your own.  In case you are suffering from fake fat, you should practice lymphatic massage on a daily basis.

This massage eliminates dead skin cells which help the body release toxins easily. Keep in mind that dead skin cells can completely block or significantly reduce the work of the sweat glands. They also act as waste that can be removed in many different ways including massage.

Additionally, manual lymphatic massage that goes in the direction of our heart and lymph nodes will make the lymph start moving fast. This is certainly a good boost for the detox process. People often experience inflammatory issues in the joints because of the lymph buildup.

3. Pour some manjistha in your detoxification tea

If you are using a detox tea, make sure that you add half a teaspoon of manjistha powder in it incase you have lymphatic problems.

4. Consume guggul

It is very likely that you have not heard about guggul, but many people can confirm that this herb is quite useful. Indian bdellium-tree is a very effective detoxifier that is especially good for the liver. It can also break down fat deposits.

Via  Mind Body Green

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