Turmeric Golden Honey: The Strongest Natural Antibiotic 

 February 3, 2021

By  Gabriela

Many people use turmeric as a spice in their kitchen, however, not many know about the invaluable natural remedy that is actually a combination of turmeric and honey, or as we call it golden honey.

Turmeric possesses Medium and anti-inflammatory properties, kills bad bacteria, and supports the immune system.

The director of the Honey Research Unit at the University of Waikato in New Zealand, Peter Molan, stated that bees add an enzyme that forms hydrogen peroxide, and as a result that all honey is antibacterial.

Required Ingredients


Add the turmeric powder to raw organic honey, and after mixing it well store it in a glass container.

When to Use the Golden Honey Homemade Remedy

Once you notice the first signs of flu, colds, or any other disease, prepare the Golden Honey mixture and take it in the following ways:

  • 1st Day – Consume ½ tablespoon every hour throughout the day.
  • 2nd Day – Consume ½ tablespoon every two hours throughout the day.
  • 3rd Day – Consume ½ tablespoon three times a day

Keep the Golden Honey mixture in your mouth until it completely melts.

A lot of people managed to prevent cold thanks to this remedy, and without taking any pills and drugs.

The Golden Honey mixture can be even used for treating respiratory diseases.

In such cases, consume 1 tablespoon 3 times a day in a week period. For a different taste, you can add tea or coconut milk to the mixture.

Since this mixture helps in the metabolism of fat, it is a great option in weight management.

Moreover, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the Golden Honey can be used as a natural remedy for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


If you are taking any medications, or you are under any treatment, consult your doctor before taking the mixture.

In case you’re suffering from gallbladder disease, don’t take turmeric since it provokes muscle contractions on the gallbladder.

Via Care 2 | Health Diaries

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