Tobacco Kills Two Out of Three Smokers




There is a new study on smoking. It is well known that smoking is a leading cause of death. The death risk from smoking may be much higher than previously, nowadays tobacco kills up to two in every three smokers not one in every two.

The study is huge in size following more than 200,000 men and women from New South Wales, Australia BBC It is also noted that mortality rates were highly impacted by how many cigarettes the smokers used each day. Smoking 10 cigarettes a day doubled the risk, while smokers who smoke 20 cigarettes a day were four to five times more likely to die.

Stop Smoking – Tobacco Kills

Here is what smoking really does to your lungs after only 60 Cigarettes and how you could definitely Quit Smoking After Watching This Video. But there is another important thing and that’s how to flush nicotine out of your system after you quit smoking.

Australia has one of the lowest smoking rates in the world, and the images of their cigarette packaging are drab dark brown with a fairly graphic health warning.

Tobacco Kills - Quit Before It Kill You

Smoking increases the risk of a multitude of health problems, including heart disease and IFL SciencePrevious research assumed that only about half of smokers would die of cancer and other smoking-related illnesses, but recent studies have upped that figure to 67 percent.

By the end of the study, the researchers found that smokers were almost three times more likely to die than those who never smoked. Smokers who managed to quit lowered their risk factors. However, smoking is so deadly that it can put you at a higher risk for mortality even after you quit.

Despite the findings, such risk should be left to individuals to measure. Is there any other product that can be sold that is both so addictive and so ultimately lethal?

If you are still a smoker, this is a timely reminder that it’s time to quit! If you quit before age 45, your mortality will almost be the same as never-smokers. Definitely tobacco kills.

Source: IFL Science

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